OK Ladies: Squeeze!

Road testing panties that claim to increase your sexual pleasure

by Linda Yellin
pantyO kegel panties image
Photograph: Courtesy of PantyO

I discovered Kegel exercise panties when, for reasons known only to the panties, they started following me on Twitter. When I checked them out at pantyO.com, I learned that if I vaginally inserted the one-inch silicone extension sewn into the crotch, I’d have a “focus point for performing Kegel exercises.”

Two styles are available: the Basic ($53), which comes with Swarovski crystals, and a fancier version ($85, pictured here), with even more crystals. I opted for Basic. A week later, my pantie arrived with the instruction “Wash before using”—-the best advice I’ve heard in a long time. The exercise: a set of 10 pelvic-floor muscle contractions three times a day. The reward: hotter sex and better bladder control.

To help my technique, the instructions also encourage me to “visualize an elevator traveling up four floors. . . until you reach maximum contraction at the fourth floor.” I don’t know about the pantyO employees, but my vagina’s not nearly that tall

I head off to the post office wearing my pantyO, already exercising. I expected the built-in “extension” to feel like a slipped tampon, but I don’t find it uncomfortable, just odd. And I don’t mind the wait to mail a package; I’ve got plenty to do!

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First published in the June 2012 issue

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