Kelly Osbourne Doesn’t Regret $250K Mani

‘Fashion Police’ host responds after catching grief for her black diamond Emmy nail polish

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

OK, we are sooo not going to feel guilty about that $30 mani we just splurged on. If Kelly Osbourne can have her nails painted from a bottle of $250,000 black diamond polish and not feel bad about it, then maybe we should have thrown in a pedi, too.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Fashion Police cohost caught some flak for her Emmy manicure from Jeweler Azature. In several tweets, Osbourne apologized for offending people, but the polish (which she did not pay for) was “a once in a lifetime experience,” she says. “Please forgive me for not regretting it. It made me feel like a queen!”

Does this mean Kate Middleton will get to try it next?

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