Kelly Ripa Spends for a Cause

Forget the sagging economy. Kelly Ripa is breaking out the plastic and cash, and she isn't the only one! Super Saturday, known as the world’s largest designer garage sale, proved to be a massive success on July 30, 2011, in Watermill, New York. The 14th annual event raised over $3.5 million for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. 

Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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More: You got involved with this event for a very personal reason—you lost a dear friend to ovarian cancer. 

Kelly Ripa: Yes, I lost a very dear childhood friend to the disease. It has been 10 years since she passed. She was younger than I am now. Cancer robbed her of the opportunity to have children and get married. I feel that events are a great way to give back. If only there was a test she could have taken, she might have been here today.

More: Since you host this event, what do you hope to accomplish in this role?

KR: Raise a lot of money and save a lot of lives.

More: How are you about going to the doctor?

KR: I am pro-doctor and for early intervention. I’ll even go to the doctor when nothing is wrong, just to make sure there is still nothing wrong with me.

More: What do you teach your daughter Lola about her own body and ovarian cancer?

KR: I tell her now, know your body. But whenever I try to talk to her about anything like that, or about taking a look at her homework, she responds by saying, “I have a headache.” Turns out nothing is wrong. She just doesn’t want to talk about it—or to do her chores or homework.

More: Today is all about shopping. What’s your retail weakness, and the one item your husband says you have too much of? 

KR: Shoes, handbags and necklaces. Necklaces are by far my favorite, and whenever I buy a new one Mark [actor Mark Consuelos] says, “Oh, look, another necklace.” He says I am a magpie and am attracted to shiny things.

More: Regis is leaving. Have you prepared yourself for his last day? 

KR: Oh God, no! I can’t even think about it. It brings me to tears just thinking about it.

More: Why?

KR: We have had so much fun together. We are doing flashbacks with trivia about Regis and it is so funny to see the ridiculous things we did together. I even saw myself on the show as a guest. I look ridiculous, and he looks frozen in time. My hair color has been every shade, and I have been every dress size.

More: Did you have any idea he wanted to leave or was this a big surprise?

KR: He had talked about it over the yearsm but I never paid attention. He was the boy who cried retirement. He is not retiring, he is just taking a break from the daily grind and then finding something he loves and wants to do.


More: There are published reports your husband may be replacing him?

KR: I don’t think so. I love that rumor because no one makes me happier than Mark and no one, in my eyes, is more gorgeous. But I think it is very hard to be married to someone you work with. What would I say at the dinner table—“How was your day?” While I love Regis and Joy teaming up, for me it would be too hard to maintain that every day.

More: Whom would you like to see replace Regis?

KR: It is too soon to say. I have my secret hopefuls.

More: So as it stands, the show will be called “Blank & Kelly”?

KR: I don’t know if you know this, but I was an accident. Linda Dano was supposed to host one day and she got sick. Since I was working on All My Children down the street they called me and said, “Can you come over?” I filled in for a fill-in. That is how I got started. That is why I don’t anticipate anyone, because I was an accident. It is a chemistry thing, and about connecting.

More: Are you worried you and your new co-host won’t be able to create the same magic you and Regis have?

KR: I don’t think they would hire someone who wouldn’t have it. Even the fill-in hosts have always been great. I don’t anticipate being disappointed.

More: You not only lose your TV buddy, but All My Children is saying farewell, too?

KR: Oh, please! This year has been one big disappointment after another.

More: Did you have any inkling that was coming?

KR: No. I got a call one hour before the announcement and cried like a baby from there. I couldn’t believe it. I am still crying.

First Published August 3, 2011

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