Kerri Walsh Jennings on Kids, Aging and Her Last Olympic Win with Volleyball Partner Misty May-Treanor

Not only did Kerri Walsh Jennings—along with beach-volleyball partner Misty May-Treanor—bring home gold medals in three Olympic Games for the United States, but she somehow carved out time to be there for her two small boys, her husband and We sat down with the Pampers spokesperson in London to chat about life minus her other half in volleyball and why she could be on diaper duty again very soon. Read the edited version of our interview with her below

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
Kerri Walsh Jennings (center), Misty May-Treanor (right) and their coach (left) celebrate their gold medal win in beach volleyball at the P&G Family Home
Photograph: Eamonn MacCormack for Getty/P&G

More: We talked about Misty’s retirement. Is that something you have thought about?
KWJ: I think I will be ready to go by Rio. I am not ready as of yet. After Beijing I was pregnant for two years, and I think in that time away from my sport, I redeveloped this love and appreciation for my job. Before I had kids, I kept putting having a family on hold because of my job. When I realized that, it started to feel really wrong to me. After my boys came, it reaffirmed my love and desire to keep going.

More: Keep going on the volleyball court or keep going to expand your family?
KWJ: I wish I was pregnant right now. I want to go for number three and then get back to work. Family is what life is all about. I love the juggling act.

More: Maybe a little girl this time?
KWJ: That would be amazing. I would love a little girl, and I want my husband to have a daddy’s little girl.

More: What is so great about being in your midthirties?
KWJ: I am me. I am finally me. I like who I am, and I was never really satisfied with myself until now. For the first time I accept me. I love the transition of worrying about me to worrying about someone else such as my boys. I love putting my heart and soul into them. This has allowed me to get closer to who I am in my essence.

More: Why does getting older have its benefits?
KWJ: My twenties were crazy. I thought I knew everything. It turns out I knew nothing. Now it is getting better and better.

More: How so?
KWJ: Age is never a con; in fact, we should embrace it. Age is a weird thing people like to focus on. For me, the older I get, the more aware of my body I become. I have a lot more skills now, and for the first time I rely more on my skills than my physicality. Those strengths are empowering. I also feel now that I am a mom, I can handle anything.

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