How to Escape Negativity

A lunch with an old colleague reminds her of the power of a negative attitude and the importance of limiting that influence.

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If you are ever around a negative person for any length of time, you will feel your self being drawn into their very negative and seemingly hopeless world. Nothing you say will bring them out of this dark cave of theirs because they like it there. They also enjoy bringing others into their very uninviting space. Is the Bitch Buzz contagious? Absolutely, if you allow it to be. Now, we all have bad days, but ask yourself: Do you handle your bad day or does your bad day handle you? Do you hang around people whose conversations are mainly about slandering others or building others up? Do you know people who seem to thrive on drama? Do you feel exhausted having spent time with them? Have you noticed that you begin to reflect negativity after you have been in their presence? These people can be toxic to your health and your mental state of mind.

I know a lot of people, but I do not have a lot of friends and that is by choice. Do you I prefer to stay in a positive light, reflecting on life’s little gifts? Talking to someone I know who is positive when I am having a bad day or just writing my cares in my prayer journal that no one else will read except for me and my God, helps me to move on and not focus on my fleeting and often trivial problems. If you are around people who enjoy the Bitch Buzz or if you are that person who loves staying in the negative, think about this — words are powerful and very persuasive to the human spirit. Use them wisely. Do yourself a favor and take a break from those who thrive on the Bitch Buzz. And if you find yourself around one of these toxic spitfires, simply ask them: “You’re alive, how bad can you’re bad day be?”    

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