Kyle MacLachlan Shops in Honor of His Late Mom

Kyle MacLachlan joined dozens of celebrities at the 14th annual Super Saturday fundraiser for Ovarian Cancer Research on July 30, 2011, in Watermill, NY, which helped raise over $3.5 million dollars.

Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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More: Why did you choose to support this cause?
Kyle Maclachlan: When I am in town I like to come and support this wonderful cause. I want to keep the focus on the fact we haven’t found a cure, a cause or a way to protect so many women who die from it.

More: Have you ever lost anyone close to you from cancer?
MM: Yes, my mom died from ovarian cancer back in 1986. Unfortunately she has been gone awhile. It was too bad because she was wonderful. That is another reason why I got involved here today, for her.

More: That must have been so painful for you?
KM: It was tough. That is why I want to find a way and stop it.

More: Having gone though such an awful experience do you stay on top of your wife to make sure she gets checked?
KM: She is pretty good about going.

More: I have to applaud you.
KM: Why?

More: I was just watching a re-run of “Sex and the City” where you played Trey and it was the episode where we learn Trey can’t get it up. Most men might shy away from a role like that because it would make them feel emasculated?
KM: Not me. I was already emasculated. Seriously, I saw it as a challenge and I enjoy a challenge especially where Trey is concerned.

More: Really?
KM: Yes. I liked giving him different traits and bringing outrageous things to the character. Trey’s problem had to do with other issues he was dealing with. As for my wife Kristin Davis, she was a dream to work with.

More: Issues? Like the scene where you are taking a bath in front of your mom?
KM: That was the best scene ever! I love that scene and the one where I am lying on a bed with Charlotte and my mom. Those were great!

More: Moving on to "Desperate Housewives," is your character Orson coming back? They left his story line a little open ended?
KM: No I think he has given Bree enough grief. It was a great four years.

More: Confess. Who is a better kisser Kristin Davis or Marcia Cross?
KM: My lips are sealed (laughs) I can’t tell you that.

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First Published August 3, 2011

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