Iranian-American Director Explores Infidelity in Her Directorial Debut, 'Last Night'

Director Massy Tadjedin on her subtle story of love and temptation  

Massey Tadjedin photo
Director Massey Tadjedin
Photograph: Chris Greco

MT: I think no matter how attractive a couple is, how perfect they seem, the dailyness of life, the sharing of space, makes things seem ordinary. It dulls the sheen. People don’t stray just because they don’t find their partner attractive; it’s much more emotional and mental. There’s a large physical component, but it’s multilayered.

The beginning of anything is more exciting. That sense of discovery. The beginning of a relationship, a connection, is very addictive and satisfying, and one of the most exhilarating things we can experience. “To crave the newness,“ as Joanna says. Her old boyfriend is somebody she knows, but she was with him for less than 100 days, so they were not burdened by the dailyness.

More: Along that line, in the movie, Griffin Dunne, who plays Alex’s friend, is sort of like the Greek chorus.

MT: Except he’s so much more fun!

More: Eva’s character, Laura, reminded me of the Black Swan.

MT: We tried to make her understated. But no matter how we made her up, she’s beautiful. Her physicality is very different from Keira’s, by design, to complicate the story—Michael’s not going for a different version of his wife, a younger version.

More: What do you think is tempting Keira’s character?

MT: She’s longing for someone from her past. With Alex, she could visualize a different life. She was living in Paris with an artist, which is so different from her life today, like her night with Alex’s friends is so different from her night with her husband’s friends.

More: Which movies about relationships, do you admire?

MT: Mike Nichol’s Closer. And I love Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes from a Marriage, Stanley Donan’s Two for the Road. It grapples with the business of marriage. David Lean’s Brief Encounter is always very emotional to watch. Husband and Wives, Woody Allen’s movie.  

More: What’s your next project?

MT: I’m writing it now. It’s a suspense story. I can’t wait to do it again, to direct. You have to really love it.

More: I gather your husband is very supportive of your work.

MT: My husband is a retina surgeon. He’s very supportive and like my reality check.


First Published May 5, 2011

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Jocuri Online08.28.2011

very nice, and good luck!

Alexandru Petru05.20.2011

I actually saw a trailer and I thought it was pretty good (that is a general opinion, since I only saw the trailer). I hope it will get good ratings and the critics will say good things about it. jocuri de gatitjocuri fotbaljocuri 3d

Anne Marie Fox05.11.2011

I can't wait to see Massey Tadjedin's LAST NIGHT. After reading her interview about the inception and the process I am inspired to direct my first script as well. I was under the impression that writing and directing might be more of a handful than I was capable of, but my feelings have shifted. I think the voice of the director can, in fact, add more depth and illuminate aspects of a screenplay that would ordinarily go untapped. I feel motivated to complete my final draft and assume the responsibility of director as well. And considering the low percentage of female directors in the industry it appears I have an innate duty to encourage other female filmmakers to helm their cinematic projects.
Many thanks and gratitude to Massey for giving me the faith to pursue my dream.

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