Iranian-American Director Explores Infidelity in Her Directorial Debut, 'Last Night'

Director Massy Tadjedin on her subtle story of love and temptation  

Massey Tadjedin photo
Director Massey Tadjedin
Photograph: Chris Greco

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First Published May 5, 2011

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Jocuri Online08.28.2011

very nice, and good luck!

Alexandru Petru05.20.2011

I actually saw a trailer and I thought it was pretty good (that is a general opinion, since I only saw the trailer). I hope it will get good ratings and the critics will say good things about it. jocuri de gatitjocuri fotbaljocuri 3d

Anne Marie Fox05.11.2011

I can't wait to see Massey Tadjedin's LAST NIGHT. After reading her interview about the inception and the process I am inspired to direct my first script as well. I was under the impression that writing and directing might be more of a handful than I was capable of, but my feelings have shifted. I think the voice of the director can, in fact, add more depth and illuminate aspects of a screenplay that would ordinarily go untapped. I feel motivated to complete my final draft and assume the responsibility of director as well. And considering the low percentage of female directors in the industry it appears I have an innate duty to encourage other female filmmakers to helm their cinematic projects.
Many thanks and gratitude to Massey for giving me the faith to pursue my dream.

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