Lesley Stahl On Mike Wallace and '60 Minutes'

When it comes to tackling a story for '60 Minutes,' Lesley Stahl has the sophistication of a lady and the eye of a tiger. It is these qualities and many more that earned Stahl multiple Emmys and other awards and solidifying her as one of the most respected journalists in the world.  An edited version of our phone interview with her follows

by Ilyssa Panitz • More.com Celebrity Reporter
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Photograph: CBS News

More: What’s your guilty pleasure?
LS: What’s funny is that question used to intimidate me. It’s like, what do you do when you are not working? I would go home and try to be a mom. But now my guilty pleasure is getting on an airplane and gong to see my brand-new granddaughter. She is one year old and her name is Jordan. She just started walking and is just developing language. To her I am Lolly and she knows it is me. If I have any free time I am on a plane to Los Angeles to see her.

More: What’s it like being a grandma?
LS: It is so emotional to watch your child parent. Watching it just gets you in your gut. It is an overwhelming emotion, like Wow! I think I feel a tear coming on now. (laughs)

More: So let me guess, Jordan is your screen saver?
LS: Absolutely. Matter of fact, I am looking at her right now.

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