Leslie Bibb Dishes on 'GCB'

MORE sits down with actress Leslie Bibb to discuss her career and leading role in the new ABC show, 'GCB,' airing Sundays at 10 p.m. Eastern

by Susan Swimmer • Fashion Features Editor
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Actress Leslie Bibb didn't expect her life to turn out this way.
Photograph: ABC/Richard Foreman

MORE: That’s a good one. I’m putting that on my list too, okay?
LB: Good. You can have it. And another one—I get very practical about stuff and I hope be a little less practical going forward. You know what I mean? When I sit there and I say, “I really want to go on this trip.” And then I don’t do it. And then all of a sudden life gets so busy and it never happens. I want to act on my impulses. I want to be more on the balls of my feet versus the heels.

MORE: Another good one! Balls of the feet! I love it!
LB: And this year I’m going to learn how to tap dance. I love tap dancing and I’ve always wanted to learn. And I want to go to Africa. OK, I think that’s the whole list. Tap dancing, learn to speak French and go to Africa.

MORE: Well then, here’s to checking things off the list!

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First Published March 5, 2012

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