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Let Americans, Not...

Let Americans, Not Hamas, Do the Bush Hating

There was something, I’ll admit, satisfying watching President Bush get booed by what felt like a sizable number in the stadium at the opening game of the Nationals that was missing when seeing a Palestinian boy stab him to death in a puppet show aimed at children shown on Hamas TV.

The puppet, representing a child, says, “You are a criminal, Bush, a despicable man. You made me an orphan. You deprived me of everything,” going on to accuse the president of killing his family in Iraq and, in collusion with Israel, in Gaza.

A previous program on this station starred a Mickey Mouse clone, Farfur, who urged children to fight Israel in the name of Islam.

It’s regretful that hate messages are being imposed on the next generation of kids, who would be better served by learning to find peaceful ways of co-existing, an agenda that’s being, happily, introduced by some teachers of both Israeli and Palestinian youngsters.

These animated shows are seriously damaging and, incidentally, humorless. The kids would be so much happier watching “South Park.”