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- a page showing someone's awesome grandmother/aunt/other ovr 40 female relative and what that person learned from her.

Thanks so much!

--S. Reh, New York

I recently purchased your magazine and loved the content. I also got pretty excited by all the offers and conttests in addition to the fabulous content, only to discover I could not participate in any of the these because I live in Canada (I am an American who married a Canadian). How unfortunate. Makes me feel like I am on the outside looking in. It would be great if some of these offers included people living right next door. After all, we are spending money buying your magazine and many of the same products which are advertsied in them.

Kind regards,
Basia Solarz, Halifax, N.S.

As I was going through the stack of mail this afternoon, my little daughter (not even 2 years old) sees the cover of your magazine and says, "Pretty girl! Pretty smile." (Queen Latifah) It made me smile!

Thanks for the great magazine!
--Kris McCarthy

I just have to tell you how much I enjoy reading what you have to say! My life has been inspired by all the stories of women around the world overcoming challenges and taking risks. My children and I are finally free from the bondage of controlled lives and are thriving!

I have enjoyed your fitness articles so much that my life has been changed by fitness routine. We are free and so happy to enjoy life and all it has to offer us. Keep up what you do and know you have inspired one woman to take control of her life at 43 and change it in the process. Thank you!
--Kerri Burton

So, I just read your editor's letter. You are spot on. Balance is so yesterday; the new black is accepting we have to make choices (video i-chat at 2 am in London b/c your teen daughter called you not realizing the time difference and you are not going to turn down the opportunity) and sacrifices (clutter filled house, too many mostly errand filled weekends) and hope that it all ends up ok. Your letter reminded me that I have this running "journal" (really just emails I've sent my friends/family) I title "Day in the life of a working mother part xxx". Best to you and keep up great work.

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First Published November 23, 2011

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Avis Evans01.22.2012

I just finished reading the article "To Tell The Truth" by Amy Bloom. This piece really spoke to me because I usually struggle with when to speak and when to be silent. When I'm silent it is always for one the two reasons mentioned:don't hurt feelings and avoid an angry confrontation. I have come to realize though that not speaking makes me angry and resentful and makes me pull back. I speak to the other person by writing my thoughts/feelings.

Alisa Sever01.11.2012

I agree with Rhonda re: some articles on second weddings. Info online is definitely lacking, and I'd like to know some other readers' stories on planning and hosting. It seems a second round is occuring for many of my friends in the 45-55 age range, happily so!

Maryann May12.18.2011

I love the cover of the December/January issue. Queen Latifah has never looked more radiant! What a terrific role model she is for young women...strong, passionate and determined.A true inspiration.

Sue 12.11.2011

Re: don't-miss SEASON'S SCREENINGS in Dec2011/Jan2012 issue. I realize there is only so much room but I was disappointed that Michelle Williams in "My week with Marilyn" wasn't mentioned as a holiday film. It opened Thanksgiving weekend and was excellent. What criteria is used in making the selections? I'm really going to be embarrassed if it was mentioned in MORE's previous issue. Thanks.

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