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I can't believe I just got around to reading your letter now.

I too am a career mom who focuses on keeping balance in my life. Pre children/Marriage, I had a career in fashion as a visual merchandiser. It was a fast paced career that I loved, but, involved over 60 hours of my time per week.

After marriage and family, I soon realized that I couldn't maintain the hectic life. My two daughter's were in school, one a kindergartener and one a first grader. Typically my kindergartener, Callan had a half day of school and on Wednesdays my first grader, Kennedy also had a half day. On this particular Wednesday, Callan woke up ill and I didn't send her to school. Instead, I stayed home with my child busying myself with laundry, five nights worth of dinner prep, cleaning out the refrigerator, etc. when at 1:00pm I received a phone call from the school.

When I answered, the gentle secretary on the other line asked,

"Have you forgotten someone?"

I grabbed Callan from her bed, threw her in a carseat and dashed over to the school to retrieve Kennedy. I walked into the school office and there she sat, backpack in hand, eyes full of tears, and uttering the words a type A mom never wants to hear...

"You left me!"

It was at that moment that I knew I would always be able to return to a career I loved but I would never be able to get those precious years back.
I am proud to say that ten years later, I have reinvented my former career, went back to school and am running my own women's apparel label. I am managing to do so from the small coastal town of Santa Cruz where my husband and I raised our daughters and my studio is less than a mile from their school.

.....and Kennedy, now almost 17, will still text me 5 or 10 minutes before I'm supposed to be somewhere to make sure that I'm coming.

I definitely scarred her for life.

Thank you for your dedication to such an important publication.

I am 49 and have been reading your magazine for a few years and will probably be married within the next year or two. I see a lot of articles about dating, sex and divorce, but what I am interested in seeing is a mature bride and planning the wedding. I have tried to find magazines or information on the web about this subject, but there is little out there. However, women in my age bracket have more money to spend and are getting married, too.

Thank you for your consideration.
--Rhonda Starnes

I was sitting thinking about the new year and what is next in my life and my More magazine fell out of my bag. Since I feel strongly in Life presenting opportunities, I decided to write.

I have lived an amazing life from the heartbreaking beginnings of growing up in the sixties with the scandal of divorced parents whose mother took off and an abusive father, to almost flunking out of high school, to putting myself through college while bartending, later raising three girls after their mother had died and all the while moving up the corporate ladder from a receptionist to the COO of a boutique investment firm. I have since divorced and just recently traveled for over five months by myself through Southeast Asia, Nepal, Indonesia and Australia. Not only was it a dream that I have always wanted to fulfill but I also wanted to be of service in some way. Please take a look at my blog if you would like to get a sense of who I am or the stories and experiences of my trip (divinetraveler.blogspot.com).

When I returned home, I was blessed, once again, and was asked to be the Executive Director for Expansion Church, whose strategy is to utilize spiritual laws, tools and principles to support people in creating and living an ever expanding life.

So why am I writing? Your magazine has been and continues to be a constant source of the belief that anything is possible and gave me the courage to follow my dream after reading so many amazing stories of other women who had followed theirs. If there is anything that I can do to help be a part of getting that message out, I would be delighted to assist in any capacity and volunteer my time.

Happy New Year to you and your family!

In gratitude,
--Vicki Jacobs

First Published November 23, 2011

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Avis Evans01.22.2012

I just finished reading the article "To Tell The Truth" by Amy Bloom. This piece really spoke to me because I usually struggle with when to speak and when to be silent. When I'm silent it is always for one the two reasons mentioned:don't hurt feelings and avoid an angry confrontation. I have come to realize though that not speaking makes me angry and resentful and makes me pull back. I speak to the other person by writing my thoughts/feelings.

Alisa Sever01.11.2012

I agree with Rhonda re: some articles on second weddings. Info online is definitely lacking, and I'd like to know some other readers' stories on planning and hosting. It seems a second round is occuring for many of my friends in the 45-55 age range, happily so!

Maryann May12.18.2011

I love the cover of the December/January issue. Queen Latifah has never looked more radiant! What a terrific role model she is for young women...strong, passionate and determined.A true inspiration.

Sue 12.11.2011

Re: don't-miss SEASON'S SCREENINGS in Dec2011/Jan2012 issue. I realize there is only so much room but I was disappointed that Michelle Williams in "My week with Marilyn" wasn't mentioned as a holiday film. It opened Thanksgiving weekend and was excellent. What criteria is used in making the selections? I'm really going to be embarrassed if it was mentioned in MORE's previous issue. Thanks.

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