Go Green! Freeze Your Jeans!

Levi’s tells customers to wash their denim less often or just stick ’em in the freezer to save water.

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter
Photograph: Wavebreakmedia ltd/Shutterstock.com

Want to do your part for water conservation? Freeze your jeans.

Sounds chilly—and a bit silly—we know, but the New York Times reports Levi Strauss & Company is telling customers that you really don’t need to wash your jeans very often. Just toss those decades-old bags of peas and ancient leftover spaghetti sauce and make room in the freezer for your button-flies: The cold will kill odor-causing germs.

Levi’s is concerned about climate change causing water shortages, according to the newspaper, noting that from cotton fields to trash, the life of an average pair of jeans soaks up a staggering 919 gallons of water—that’s 15 big ole bathtubs.

And, the Times adds, Levi’s says if something doesn’t change, it could eventually put the company not just in hot water but under water completely. In the meantime, the company is hawking a new line of stonewashed denim that doesn’t use water in the smoothing process.

Guess it’s high time to clean out the freezer, now. Our jeans could use a good cleaning.

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Photo courtesy of Wavebreakmedia LTD/Shutterstock.com.

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First Published November 4, 2011

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