Life Is Calling

by paula • Member { View Profile }

I'm not as obsessed or single-minded as I once was. I've traveled to foreign countries not as a handicapped person, but as just another voyager, enjoying the journey. I've taken classes. I've even gone back to teaching, in a way. I blog tutorials and I am lucky enough to facilitate art workshops.                                                                                                                                                

Please don't brand me as disabled. Yes, I have a few limitations, but don't we all? We are all of us at risk of some setback or another. Life is delicate, yet the human spirit can transcend life's mischance. What’s in our hearts and our thoughts is far more powerful than any calamity.

We have the power within to ring our bells in the warmth and brightness of the sun. Do you hear, as I do, the chimes pealing? The sweet siren song? That’s life calling.

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