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10 Gifts For Pets To Pamper Them in Style

Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend was clearly mistaken because nothing gets a gal giddier than her furrever friend. So, brighten your fluffy bestie's day with these gift for pets that'll get them to bark, meow, or tweet about how much their mom spoils them.

Collar Couture

1 / 10


What's the No. 1 accessory for pretty pooches? The ultimate couture collar to fancy up their necks (and to make sure they're stylishly identified in case they go missing). If you're a Henri Bendel fanatic, you'll be able to wear a bracelet to twin with your pup, and we don't think anything could make a fashionista happier , which is why it tops our gifts for pets list ($75;

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Photo: Henri Bendel

Smart Cat

2 / 10


Do you need some cheap entertainment for you and your feline? Look no further than this quirky laptop sratcher that your kitty can rest her paws on and pretend to be the boss (even though they already do). It's no secret that your cat loves to perch on top of your laptop, which makes this one of the most necessary gifts for pets this year ($35,

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Photo: Uncommon Goods

Bug's Bunny Approved

3 / 10


Our beloved animals need to diet too, but it's not like you can buy them some activewear to inspire them. So, give your rabbit or hamster this "boredom breaker" kit of carrots to help them burn some calories and find something to do. The name of the game is to remove the cute carrots from the corn field, so you'll also have a ball watching them play with this fun pet gift ($10.49;

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Photo: Amazon

Prep Star

4 / 10


If your doggy lives the high life, then she'll wag her tail all the way home for this cheery toy kit, which will make all her pattern-play dreams come true. The pastel-patterned goodies inside the bucket include a boat shoe toy, gingham bone toy, roper tug and toss, and four Harry Barker crest play balls. If your dog was destined to be a Southern Belle, this is the kit for her ($70;

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Photo: Neiman Marcus

Well Groomed

5 / 10


Since 1851, Kiehl's has been making people look and feel beautiful, so why not spread the love and freshen up your dog's coat with only the best cuddly-coat shampoo? This pH-balanced formula has hints of chamomile flower extract, leaving your little pooch with a fresh-smelling scent that you won't mind snuggling up next to ($17;

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Photo: Nordstrom

Sit, Stay, Chambray

6 / 10


You can hand over the best dressed award to the dashing dog dressed in this chambray collar. Your dapper dog will fit right in at any foodie soiree—or even a weekend at the Hamptons ($30; All Necklaces

Photo: Etsy

Dog-gone Dreamer

7 / 10


If the name of the store, Neiman Barkus, alone doesn't give your pup a reason to feel right at home, he certainly will when he sees this lush tent—and he'll probably sneak in a cozy nap on the overstuffed pillow inside. The included dreamcatcher will keep him safe from those scary cat dreams ($204.95;

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Photo: Neiman Barkus

Woof Whiff

8 / 10


Sometimes don't you wish you could just cover up your pup's musty smell? That's why dog fragrance like this lavish one was created. With hints of French black currant, mimosa (yes, please), violet leaf, and Tunisian neroli, you can stretch out those baths a little longer. Oh, and the perfume is for humans, too ($78.50;!

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Photo: Mungo and Maud

From Litter to Lavish

9 / 10


Sorry, kitty, we love your fierce personality and cozy cuddles, but we don't love your eyesore of a litter box. Thankfully, this one looks like another piece of furniture in your home, so you and your guests will never know where the litter box is. We call this purrfection ($149.95;

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Do-Good Goodies

10 / 10


You've gotten your fair share of monthly subscription boxes, so let your pup in on the action, too. BarkBox delivers a box of treats, chews, and toys that is customized just to your dog's liking every month. The best part is knowing that BarkBox supports 3,000 rescues, shelters, and other nonprofits that love dogs as much as you do ($20-$29; All Gift Boxes

Photo: Bark Box

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