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27 Feminist as F*ck Products You Need to Get Your Hands On

A uterus plushie and vagina necklace—say what! And those are only two of the empowering products on this list.

Delusional Fantasies Blanket

1 / 27

Even if you're cold, you don't need to feel like a damsel in distress—just wrap up in this gender stereotype-smashing blanket. LookHuman, $44.25

Laptop Sticker

2 / 27

Whether you're carrying your laptop to class or taking it on a plane, let everyone know how you feel about equality. Society6, $25

Cats Against Cat Calls T

3 / 27

We adore this kitty t-shirt. In fact, we think it's absolutely purrfect. Plus it comes in white or black. FeministApparel, $29.95

Boob Ring

4 / 27

Yup, it's a boob ring. A solid 14k rose gold boob ring. Nipple included. Etsy, $188

Male Tears Mug

5 / 27

"What are you drinking?" "Oh just male tears." Etsy, $15


6 / 27

Babies are cute, but a baby in a "smash the patriarchy" onesie is hands down the most adorable infant in the room. CafePress, $14.95

Not Your Doormat Doormat

7 / 27

This doormat will be the only thing people walk all over in your life. Buy it for $34 at Houzz or use this tutorial to make one for yourself.

Girl Power Notebook

8 / 27

Redbubble has tons of different designs to write your feminist agenda in, but we adore this "girl power" one. Redbubble, $12

Feminist Pencils

9 / 27

And to go with your girl power notebook, here are some badass pencils. Etsy, $2

Puppy Gear

10 / 27

You know your pooch thinks it, and now you can help him/her say it with a doggone cute pet shirt. FeministApparel, $24.95

G-Spot Multistick

11 / 27

With a name like "G-Spot" this color is excellent for reminding people just how amazing the female body is. And we wear that proudly. Nars Cosmetics, $39

Statement Pillow

12 / 27

Seriously a good point. Who needs gender roles when we can have mouth-watering pizza rolls? LookHuman, $25.50

Feminist Rosary

13 / 27

One way to show your stance on equality is with this beautiful rosary. Subtle, but it still shows support for women everywhere. Etsy, $70

Uterus Plushie

14 / 27

Guys! Um girls, er... EVERYONE! It's a fricken uterus plushie. A UTERUS PLUSHIE. Museum Store, $19.95

Feminist Killjoy Tank Top

16 / 27

Because everyone should know, even when you're hitting the gym, running the trails, or just lounging. Feminist Apparel, $29.95

Laptop Case

17 / 27

This may be the best saying in the history of ever. You are strong. You are fierce. You are feminist. Redbubble, $35

Feminist Wall Print

19 / 27

Seriously, this statement is everything. E-Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y people. Etsy, $9


20 / 27

Let society know where you stand with this rainy day treat. They can't rain on your feminist agenda! Fawcett Society Shop, $32.25

Rad American Women Book

21 / 27

"A" isn't for "Apple" in this book. Nope, it's for "Angela Davis" a political activist, and she's only one of the rad women mentioned. Bitch Media, $14.95

Perfect Pin

22 / 27

Finally, something to combat the masculine claim on the phrase "grow a pair." That's right, it applies to women, because guess what, we're strong too. Shocking, we know. Cafe Press, $2.99

Rosie Socks

23 / 27

Channel Rosie the Riveter's powerful attitude in some cozy socks. Because nothing says, "We can do it!" quite like Roise. Feminist Apparel, $11.95

Outspoken Nail Polish

24 / 27

With badass names inspired by songs like "Miss Independent" and "Respect", this nail polish begs to be worn by strong women. Deborah Lippmann, $18

Feminist Mug

25 / 27

To all those saying "A lady should be two things: classy and sassy," we say forget it. A "lady" should be whatever the f*ck she wants. Which is why we are obsessed with this mug. Look Human, $14.25

Vagina Necklace

26 / 27

Far away this may look like a teardrop necklace, but look again. It's a vagina. And. It. Is. Beautiful. Bonus: It's available in gold, rose gold, or sterling silver. Tuza Jewelry, $155

Feminist Sweatshirt

27 / 27

No one will guess your values in this cozy cotton #feministasfuck. Feminist Apparel, $44.95

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