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A First Kiss for Mom

A First Kiss for Mom

We should all have standout kisses in our lives. The memory of these kisses stays with you, sparks a private glow when you remember the scene, the feel, what it all meant to you. Maybe you’ve had three or four standout kisses in your whole life. Do you count among these your first kiss on a hot summer evening with your first “puppy” love, marking the moment you slipped from childhood to adolescence? Did you have one when the man who is now your husband kissed you unexpectedly when you were still just friends?

I’ve been given the gift again. It’s found its way to me, but this time in a different way, with different meaning, and all the more treasured and precious to hold on to.

My 14-month old son Wyatt does not kiss. He’s never been interested in such an obvious sign of affection. He is willing to smack his lips when the word kiss floats by.  And, he has been known to shower his brown bear with the sweet delight. I guess it’s easy to kiss something that’s not coming back at you with so much expectation.

We've had a few kissing surprises with our toddler. When Wyatt turned one, Aunt Paula gave him a “Baby Animal Kisses” book, and he immediately smooched the cover as I read the title out loud to him.  About a month ago, my husband emerged from Wyatt’s bedroom obviously moved. The look on his face told the story. Wyatt had thanked his daddy for rocking him at bedtime with a tender kiss on the lips – Wyatt’s first kiss for Daddy. My husband hardly had the heart to tell me. He knew I’d be happy for him, but also a little sad that I was thus far left out of this particular exchange of love.

Today was my day. I got my first kiss. Many special kisses.  And, it was worth the wait.

Wyatt and I were enjoying our backyard on this breezy summer afternoon. Wyatt was sitting on the threshold of our back door, surveying his yard.  I sat beside him, savoring the quiet scene, listening to the birds overhead and the muffled sounds of the neighborhood.  He seemed completely content. I was moved to ask, “Will you give Mommy a kiss?”

My son stood up without hesitation, smiled wide, his eyes sparkling and looking directly into mine. He came at me with pursed lips and planted one right on my kisser.

Pure sweetness! He returned to his spot at the door, a huge grin on his face, looking delighted. He knew he gave me a precious gift. Had he found a way to show me in my language how much he loved me? I dared to ask for another kiss, and I got the same delightful response.

He toddled around the yard some more, picking up sticks and kicking the grass.  At the very moment he sat back down on his perfect perch in the doorway, he bolted right back up again like he knew he had one more thing to do. Wyatt came at his mommy with another beautiful kiss.

Many moments of parenting seem to fade into the fog.  But some moments stand out like shining beacons.  These first kisses with my first child will be remembered for a lifetime.

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