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Irresponsible Ant Trap...

Irresponsible Ant Trap Users List

As a mom, your brain is full enough. Daily activities, business to keep up with, household chores, medicine and pets.

From time to time there comes a moment that makes you stop and ask where you put your brain. Yep, it happens to the best of us. You get up in the morning, make the bed...feed everyone in the household, pick up 29 things before 7 a.m. and still manage to make yourself presentable and poised for the outside world. Looking well rested and fully put together without a care in the world. You have even ironed your super woman cape and have impressed the neighbors, with your fully dressed and make-up on self, while going out for the morning paper.

A few weeks, days, maybe even a year or so...oh well, a while ago. We had our morning routine, cartoons and daily plans all laid out. It was a mommy day, special breakfast of labor intensive frozen pancakes and instant sugar free juice. Four different cartoons blaring in 5 different rooms and I still had the morning radio talk show up louder than them all, as if to prove to myself that this house was still going to have some sense of adult conversation in it for at least another hour. The dogs were barking at the neighbor kids knocking on the front door and the washing machine was walking out the laundry room. The kids were ‘helping’ me wash things by giving all of their stuffed animals a bath in the hall bathroom sink and after turning off the first 4 things, telling the kids we may wait until the sun comes up before we can come out to play and saving a few innocent stuffed animals..........I turn the corner to find my youngest with the red “sucker” in her mouth. This is also known as a 2” red disk that has ant killer inside, mostly found in corners of rooms or windows.

Just as she took this new found item out of her mouth, she declared it pretty ‘yucky’ and threw it down. Feeling like mother of the year, I quickly knew where to find the poison control number. In the book, at the bottom of the medical is listed on every page. Thank heaven, I thought, then after the 5 minute conversation with the ever so patient gentleman at the poison control center, he assured me that she would live. The ant trap that she put in her mouth was fatal to the ant, but not to someone her size and age. Now me on the other hand, it took him most of the remaining 4 minutes of the conversation to tell me all was OK! There was no Irresponsible Ant Trap User List that my name would remain on for the next few years. Although you feel like there IS such a list and my name is highlighted and number 1, I am not the first mother this has happened to and I am sure I won’t be the last!

Mom – We all have those days, just know that with the title “Mom” there are thousands of other women with the same days.

Oh by the way, that was only the first time I called the Poison Control Center, I will have to tell you how siblings clean up each other with Shout soon!

Who would have thought, I have my Frequent Flier Card with the Poison Control Center after only 3 years!

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