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ISawYourNannyBlogSpot... Where is this Heading?

The invitation to serve as an unofficial spy network and file of online reports of abusive or negligent nannies is a natural offshoot of truck bumper stickers reading, “How’s my driving?” This fifteen-month old site provides some measure of comfort to parents while alerting caregivers that “Big Mother is watching.” Being out of nanny camera range doesn’t mean they’ll get away with smacking a toddler or stuffing him with Fritos.

The website is most popular in New York, where nannies are so often in public areas. When our son was young and being transported to play dates, I would happily have put a “How’s my driving?” bumper sticker on our car. We not only gave prospective nannies driving tests, but provided lessons to Liz from Great Britain as she’d never driven on the right side of the road. After hiring her, we discovered we should have given her a sobriety test.

It takes little urging, okay none, for me to offer my opinion. Last night I spoke up about the olive oil, the only flaw at a new restaurant we tried. A friend once teased that I carry an imaginary clipboard and red pencil. I always welcome a chance to weigh in, reviewing hotels on Trip Advisor and assessing appliances on Epinions. On my AOL Buddy List is the CEO of my health club, to whom I report regularly. A typical e-mail is, “The TV’s still aren’t working and a trainer left a wad of chewing gum on the treadmill.”

Will this deputizing catch on? Might it lead to:




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