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The Joys of Pregnancy

The Joys of Pregnancy

Well, this is my ninth week of pregnancy and it hasn’t been the eye-opening divine experience I anticipated. It has been one big nausea induced, constipating, stomach wrenching, sleepless, acne-prone, hungerless headache. And by headache I mean real headaches. Pounding ones that start in the back of my neck and move sideways and then take a turn for the worst. I like to bite everyone’s head off and my husband has finally had enough apparently because the poor thing told me he’s afraid of me. Well, my husband is much bigger than me so you can see the seriousness of the situation. I know that at the end of all this suffering there will be a bouncing baby who will love me forever and appreciate all the atrocities I went through to get him here into this world. Yea right. I’ve seen Oprah.

Either way I’ve been hoping, praying, and wishing for this moment my whole life. My husband has beautiful eyes that I hope the baby has and I have lovely hair (though not right now of course because the baby is stealing all my nutrients), that I can’t wait to see if she has. I don’t care what I go through now because I’m sure pregnant women everywhere have been through worse and they all keep having children. My mom loves to say, “You aren’t the first person to have a baby, nor will you be the last.” I hate how selfish and stupid this sounds but I do feel like the only pregnant woman alive sometimes. I would never tell anyone else that. Till next time, happy puking!

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