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What’s the Best Dog Breed for Your Sign?

Many people look to the stars for advice. If astrology can be used to guide our futures, why not use the power of the zodiac to find out which dog breed is the right choice for our personalities? 

Whether or not you put a lot of stock in horoscopes and zodiac signs, they can offer a different interpretation that makes you reevaluate situations, sometimes for the better. When searching for the best dog breed for your lifestyle, it may help to look to your zodiac sign for answers.

Known for their enthusiasm and optimism just as much as their moodiness and impatience, these rams should scout out dogs like schnauzers. This breed is playful, energetic, and generally good-tempered. Like Aries, they do have a stubborn streak that comes out if they’re pushed to do something they don’t enjoy. They require a bit more patience than other dogs, which is a good challenge for Aries to undertake. 

Though they can be dependable and hard-working, members of the Taurus team sometimes lean toward laziness if the reward isn’t motivational enough. That’s why they might like owning Saint Bernards, arguably the breed that most enjoys being couch potatoes. Taurus also prefers small, close-knit groups rather than large social circles, as do Scottish terriers. 

Geminis are highly social creatures who crave constant forward motion and variety in life. Their dog soul mates are golden or labrador retrievers because their friendliness and intelligence keep twins entertained. There’s never a dull moment with these dogs—they require lots of play time—so flighty Gems will rarely get bored with them. 

Crabs need dogs that are as sensitive and loyal as them, which is why a chihuahua or a pomeranian would be a perfect fit. They’ve both been specially bred as lapdogs, and since Cancers prefer to keep their loved ones close, that works out well. Little dogs like these needs lots of pampering and can get moody when they don’t get it. Cancer folks do too; as long as they don’t neglect each other, it’ll be great. 

These lions are born leaders—confident, graceful under pressure, and eager workhorses. Their perfect canine companions are working dogs like rottweilers. These dogs are happiest when given a job. They’re also dominant and need a strong and fearless leader, like a Leo, to balance their authoritative nature. 

Fiercely independent and logical, those under this sign shouldn’t opt for clingy dogs like their Cancer chums. Instead, they need equally inquisitive dogs who don’t mind a little solo time when it’s in pursuit of knowledge. Beagles and bloodhounds have these characteristics—they love sniffing out a story. Virgos will appreciate miniature versions of their detective selves. 

Given the choice between alone time and socializing, Libras will almost always surround themselves with people. In fact, their need to be around others is so strong, it sometimes gets in the way of their responsibilities—just like Irish and English setters, who prefer to play rather than work. Setters, like Libras, don’t respond well to direct orders; the two will bond over their mutual stubbornness and laziness, not to mention their boisterous and loving personalities. 

Members of this sign are passionate, independent, and can fixate on things to the point of being controlling. Similarly, Jack Russell terriers tend to be stubborn and possessive of their toys; they’re also a bundle of energy and incredibly smart. Scorpios and Jack Russells are remarkably alike in their intensity and persistence. They’re well-suited for each other, if only because no one else could handle their contradictory nature! 

Sagittarians love exploring new terrains, just like greyhounds. While this breed is generally calm and enjoys structure, what they really love is running freely without a leash holding them back. Greyhounds and their Sagittarius owners can bond over their mutual love of anything that promotes movement.

Capricorns are highly ambitious and always looking out for their loved ones. However, their animal sign is the goat, so Caps can be hard-headed, too. Boxers are loyal and smart, plus their occasional stubbornness makes them a good personality match for this sign. 

They may seem cold and unemotional to those who don’t know them well, but it just takes them a little more time to warm up to people. Once an Aquarian calls you a friend, he or she will be one of the most loyal, caring friends you’ll have. Whippets are also skittish around new people, but they’re very sweet and will be a faithful companion after they get used to them. 

Possibly the most co-dependent sign in the zodiac, Pisces are highly sensitive and devoted to their loved ones, and they need the same kind of support and attention. That’s why pugs go great with this sign—they’re also quite sensitive, especially to hot weather and loud voices. Pugs can be very affectionate and they need it in return, so they’re best paired with people who require the same kind of doting. 

Ultimately, the right breed for you is the one you fall in love with, regardless of your sign. So get out there and find your new best friend! 

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