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Sexual Abuse of My Two...

Sexual Abuse of My Two Daugters

I am the mother of two daughters that were sexually abused by their father for years. I only found out about it five years ago because they had delayed memories. They suffered some of the worst abuse I could imagine. I had no idea it was going on even though I was a full time mom. Their father was a high ranking government employee and we looked like the perfect family on the outside. My daughters have suffered greatly from this horrifying crime. We went to the police to try and prosecute him to stop him from doing this to anyone else. Only my oldest daughter was able to go since she had finally gotten strong enough. She was told that the statute of limitations had run out for her to be able to bring him to trial.

I had never known anything about statute of limitations until this came into my field of knowledge. I decided I would find out everything I could about statute of limitations. Upon doing this research I found that all states are different and that Delaware has just passed one of the most powerful comprehensive laws for child sex abuse in the US. I have decided to use the passion I have for what my daughters have experienced to put it into resolve. I am working on changing the statute of limitations in Oregon to be like the Delaware law that states there is no statute of limitations and has a two year window retroactive to bring law suites against the predator. My oldest daughter and I are going to walk across Oregon in June of 2008 to bring awareness and support for our cause. We would like anyone interested to join us. I would like anyone who wants to support our cause in other ways to talk to me too. This is my quest until I get the law changed no matter how long it takes.

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