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DIY Gold Jewelry Dish:...

DIY Gold Jewelry Dish: Make a Glitzy Catchall

This vintage-inspired catchall will add a glamorous touch to any dresser! And you can make one for less than expected with this easy and inexpensive DIY project.

Step-by-Step DIY Gold Jewelry Tray

We came across this sorbet dish on a recent trip to the dollar store and were instantly inspired to turn it into a jewelry dish to hold our large collection of baubles. Placing this tray on your dresser can help you stay organized as you get dressed for the day—a catchall for your favorite pieces, bracelets, rings, lip balm, everything!

Step-by-Step DIY Gold Jewelry Tray


  • Glass sorbet dish
  • Decoupage adhesive
  • Lace trim
  • Small paintbrush
  • Can of gold spray paint

Step-by-Step DIY Gold Jewelry Tray

1. Open your container of decoupage adhesive and dip your brush into the jar, removing any excess. Apply a generous layer of the adhesive just under rim on the outside of the dish.

Step-by-Step DIY Gold Jewelry Tray

2. Place your lace trim on the strip of decoupage adhesive. You will need two hands for this step as you will have to play around with the placement of the lace.

Step-by-Step DIY Gold Jewelry Tray

3. Once the lace is in position, add another layer of decoupage adhesive atop the lace, making sure to keep the brush strokes over the fabric. Let dry. Note: Adhesive will turn from white to clear as it dries.

Step-by-Step DIY Gold Jewelry Tray

4. Holding the can of spray paint 7 to 10 inches from the dish, spray the inside and outside of the dish. Allow 30 minutes of drying time between each coat. We recommended at least two coats of paint.

Here's a Pin-able version with all the steps and a finished image.

Step-by-Step DIY Gold Jewelry Tray

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