LinkedIn Survey: Americans Anxious About Negotiating

Global survey finds men are more confident than women when it comes to deal making

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter news image

We’d place the act of negotiating—be it for a raise, a business deal or getting the best price for a car—right up there with the enjoyment of a root canal. So we feel so much better to learn we’re not the only wimps in the room.

A new global survey from the professional-networking site LinkedIn finds 35 percent of respondents say they get anxious or scared at the thought of negotiating. That’s about even with the 34 percent who are confident in negotiations (10 percent find it exciting, and 10 percent could take it or leave it), according to a news release.

Those most frightened by the idea? Brazilians. Most confident? Indians. Most anxious? Americans. And according to the survey, men are more confident about negotiating than women are.

“While it’s true that there’s a flat-out fear of negotiating among a percentage of professionals, all of us can benefit from getting smarter about making requests at work,” Selena Rezvani, author of Pushback: How Smart Women Ask—and Stand Up—for What They Want, states in the release. “Whether that means consulting a salary calculator, conferring with a second-degree connection on LinkedIn to learn your counterpart’s style or using a negotiating app on your phone for practice, careful preparation is a worthy investment of your time.” 

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