Ovarian Cancer Runs in Lisa Rinna's Family

Lisa Rinna is a shopping machine, especially when the money goes to a cause so dear to her heart. The 'Melrose Place' actress attended the 14th annual Super Saturday fundraiser, a garage sale filled with designer clothes and accessories, in Watermill, New York. This year the event raised $3.5 million for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Ilyssa Panitz • More.com Celebrity Reporter
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More: Why fly across the country from Los Angeles to attend this event?
Lisa Rinna: QVC asked me to do the red carpet and I have always wanted to come to this event.

More: And it is for a good cause?
LR: I am a big supporter of research on ovarian cancer and any other cancer out there.

More: Why?
LR: Both my mom and my sister were diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

More: I am so sorry. How awful.
LR: They are both survivors, but one of my dear friends passed away from ovarian cancer. I also have two daughters, so it is important to eradicate this disease.

More: You must have been terrified to have your mom and your sister diagnosed around the same time?
LR: It was worse than you could ever imagine. They were diagnosed six months apart.

More: Do you ever get scared thinking you could be next, since it is in your immediate family?
LR: Of course, but at the time I was more worried for them. To me, the key is early detection. I get my mammogram every year. It is about being healthy and getting rid of the plastic in your life. You have to make sure you are cooking with the right pans and eat organic.

More: You have changed your lifestyle?
LR: Once it hits that close to home, you better believe it!

More: You mention not using plastic anymore.
LR: Yes.

More: Yet you have been public with your experience with plastic surgery and lip injections. Do you regret going under the knife?
LR: Nothing scares me. Nothing that I have done is prominent, in a sense. My kids are aware of everything. Because I have been so honest and open I think they would steer away from it.

More: So if your girls want plastic surgery, would you say no?
LR: When my girls come of age they can do what they want, but I can guarantee you they won’t do it, knowing what they know now.

More: Have you explained to your daughters what cancer is?
LR: Yes, because both their nana and their aunt had it and both had a double mastectomy. When a family member goes through that, the whole family goes through it together. The girls are very aware of the bras with fake breasts my mother and sister wear because they chose not to undergo reconstructive surgery.

More: This event’s theme is shop till you drop. What is on your must-have list?
LR: I like clothes and shoes and cute purses.

More: Are you buying for Harry [husband Harry Hamlin, the actor]?
LR: Yes, he needs clothes, because the man doesn’t shop.

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First Published August 3, 2011

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