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Lose weight fast with nutrition guru Lyn-Genet Recitas's three-day detox diet.

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Lemon Zest Vinaigrette
Zest from 2 medium-sized lemons or 1 small orange
½ cup extra-virgin olive oil
¼ cup balsamic vinegar
1-2 garlic cloves (mashed)
Herbs of your choice (I like Herbes de Provence)
Optional: mustard

Steep the zest in the olive oil for at least one day before making vinaigrette, preferably 4-5 days. Mix in balsamic vinegar, garlic and herbs. Will keep for one week. While mustard is a nice addition, it is high on reactive list and must be tested first.

Quick Spicy Coco Sauce
1 can coconut milk (Do not use low fat.)
Ginger, cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, garlic, onion, black pepper and cayenne—all to taste
½ tsp salt
1 heaping Tbsp brown sugar

Sauté the spices. Add salt and brown sugar. Reduce for 20 min. Will hold for 5 days or you can freeze the remainder. Portion is 1/8t cup per serving.

Warm Kale salad
2 cups kale
Extra-virgin olive oil or coconut oil
Carrot and beet salad (see above)
¼ avocado
red onion
1 oz goat or sheep’s milk cheese

Sauté kale oil for 1-2 min. Season as you’d like (Ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne, cumin, cloves, and black better aid digestion. Rosemary and oregano are wonderful, too.) Top with remaining ingredients.

Spicy Apricot Glaze
½ cup apricot jam
¼ - ½ cup water
1 Tbsp chipotle peppers in adobo sauce or 2 tsp smoked chipotle powder (less sodium)

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First Published June 21, 2011

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Geri 05.15.2013

This article is a brief overview of the book, so if you want more details about the recipes and The Plan, you will need to buy it. Even though the recipes could certainly be edited much better, they can be adjusted to your own taste (use some imagination). The Plan, of which I’ve been on for the third day now (cleansing), is working, and it makes total sense to me. I’ve struggled with my extra 30-plus pounds for a long time, and the overly-advertised, pre-packaged diet plans worked while I was buying their food, but not long afterward, the weight came back, and I did not think what I was spending my money on was healthy.
I have felt the effects of the detoxing: a few headaches, irritability, sleepy for the first two days, but feeling better now on the third, and so, so happy that I’ve finally made some progress. And, must mention, my cuticles are not thick and cracking like they were before and were driving me crazy – was always mentioning this to my doctors (and ignored).
Lyn-Genet Recitas recipes are healthy, without sugar, and after the third day, just adding squash to one recipe gave me all the sweetness I needed, and found I did not even have to add salt (and I used to love salt, albeit accompanied with hypertension). It’s fairly expensive to buy all the food, but possibly this is because I could not use many of the foods I had already purchased and were in my cupboards and refrigerator (bad habits die hard). I can’t even eat all of the foods on the cleanse because I feel satiated every day, and I’ve lost almost 10 pounds already! Thanks to a friend who recommended this to me since she has also had success with it. Let the skeptics keep that weight on and continue to feel bad because I’ve found success.

affiliates 04.10.2013

The shorter cleanses are a good idea but I was looking for something a little longer (although this did not make it easier it was 21 days) lol- but I did get through it and I did loose weight and I feel much better overall (it was a detox from sugar) Anyway I was on www.detoxfromsugar.com and they had a lot of great info!
good luck people!

robyn martin08.04.2011

A few comments: first, I liked that this diet forced me to cook, something I had gotten away from, and also forced me to use fresh ingredients. Second, I didn't lose one pound, but I'm 130 and 5'8" and am a 3x a week bikram yoga practitioner as well as a 3x a week weightlifter and walk 2 miles every day. My optimum weight is 128, so I hoped to get to that, but it didn't happen.
I wish Lynn had offered a vegetarian option. I broke my vegetarian practice to try this out, but if I continued, it would have been impossible.
Finally, 11% body fat, Lynn? That sounds anorexic, not healthy, and you and I chide More magazine for including that bit of info. Anything under 18.5% body fat for women is considered underweight, yet the article made it sound desirable.
The diet and instructions for food prep need explicit instructions. E.g the ingredients for the "apricot glaze" were included, but what do you do after you've assembled them on your counter? Edit, edit, edit!!!

maria ayers08.01.2011

I have been looking for a eating plan that would work for me for 10 years, I have tried everything nothing seemed to bring it all together, and I workout 5 days a week. But this 3 day detox worked, I have a 1 new food a day and i'm down 5 LBS in 5 days. I am sticking with this plan. I have only been hungry a few times and just added extra of the foods from the list, I feel great.

Julie Darling07.25.2011

Why do people have to be so short sided. The fact of the matter is not all foods agree with all people .. everyone has a different chemistry and make-up. I for one can't eat chicken .. not to mention unless you are buying 100% pure organic it's loaded with hormones.
Point being is a plan like this is meant to help dissect what works and what doesn't so keep an open mind.

jacetx 07.22.2011

I have been following a low-carb diet for almost a decade but my weight has been creeping up. I did this cleanse for 3 days to rev things up. Day 1: lost 2.4 lbs. Day 2: GAINED 1 lb!! Day 3: lost 0.6 lbs. Net loss: 2.1 lbs. Bottom line: I can't eat 1 cup of granola & 1 cup of rice--way too many carbs. I'm not diabetic or "allergic" to rice or granola but, like many people, I can't handle much starch or sugar. I do plan on adding more fruit, carrots and beans to my diet, though.


Lorraine Winland
I easily lost 5 lbs the first three days on Lyns eating plan, but I am most impressed with how much better I felt. I am 45 and have always been able to maintain a healthy weight through exercise until recently. I've been struggling with bloating and what some people call the muffin top. It's amazing how much better I feel in one week. I appreciate the time Lyn took to answer my emails, and I look forward to challenging myself with her eating plan to develop a personalized diet for myself.
Thank you Lyn !


I lost 6.5 lbs on Lyn's eating Plan. The 1st day 3 lbs and I felt great, 2nd day 2lbs and 3rd day 1.5 lbs and I felt so energized. I am hypothyroid and have diverticulitis so I was very nervous about trying The Plan. I'm learning how my body responds to food and the foods I should be avoiding. And Lyn was very kind to email more information about goitrogenic foods. The Plan's recipes were fun to make and were tasty. I am now on day 6 of eating foods from The Plan and have lost a total of 8 lbs. Most importantly though is how much better I feel - not nearly as tired or bloated. Thank you Lyn!


This eating plan is miraculous. I don't think that anyone has claimed it is scientifically based - rather based upon Lyn-Genet's experience in advising clients over the years. I struggle constantly with my weight. I don't eat much and do eat well and exercise four to five times/week and my weight continues to climb. I completed the three day plan and dropped weight each day: 1.8 lbs, 1.1 lbs and 2.9 lbs for a total of 5.8 lbs lost! As to the comments regarding the recipes - they are not great but I don't cook and was able to wing it. And, I was never starving, am not craving anything (except a latte) and am sleeping better at night. I am going to be working with Lyn-Genet but until then will be adding in foods slowly to track their effect. This is, in my mind, a common sense, realistic approach to identifying foods that can react with my specific body chemistry. I'm thrilled to pieces.

Barbara Baldwin07.07.2011

Wow! I just lost 6 lbs in 2 days on Lyn's cleanse! And I ate more food than I normally do! I've always thought there was something out of sorts b/c I typically don't eat more than 1,200 calories in a day but unable to lose the weight! I had some blood work done a few years ago that told me which foods I was allergic to, like almonds, chicken and soy...but I ignored that over the years. Cottage cheese and yogurt always made me feel bloated. I lost 15 lbs on the HCG diet about 6 months ago, but gained 7 of it back. This gives me hope that I can take it off and keep it off!! Thank you Lyn. I look forward to reporting more!


This plan seems to be one step further than Dr. Mark Hyman's Ultrametabolism. He talks a lot about inflammation, but Ms. Recitas takes it to the individual level. I'm willing to give it a try, since I've had the experience of eating a restrictive diet of healthy food and gaining weight. The recipes are pretty vague, but that makes it easy to adjust to your own taste. I made the Spicy Coco Sauce, and it is delicious. I don't find the foods or recipe ingredients to be that strange or expensive. The only things I had to buy were the fresh vegetables. If The Plan works, and I hope it does, I'm all for it!

Krista Njapa07.05.2011

Lyn is amazing! I have watched her help so many people overcome , emotional and medical challenges through her nutritional advice. It is phenomenal what she is able to do for people by challenging what they think they know about food and empowering them with information. I came to Lyn, 20lbs overweight, depressed and suffering from migraines on a regular basis (at least 3 per month). I have been someone who has struggled with that extra 15lbs most of my adult life, I'm not fat just not exactly thin. I have tried and weight was always so hard to take off.
Lyn didn't just help me lose weight (which she did, almost 20lbs) but she gave me back control. Through her one on one program, not only did the weight literally fall off, but my headaches stopped completely I haven't had a migraine in close to two years. More amazing is that I have maintained a fairly static weight since the initial . It's not a gimmick and anyone who takes the time to have a real conversation with Lyn will quickly realize that she is wholeheartedly dedicated and passionate about health. I have never met anyone more dedicated to helping people through nutritional information that Lyn.
Don't get me wrong it's not easy at first, it's challenging and emotional more so than people ever imagine it could be. But it's also rewarding and very gratifying to feel your body changing and functioning at a level you never knew was possible. I believe in questions and challenging people, it's part of what makes things/people better. But don't be so quick to reject and denounce something that has helped so many without so much as a phone call or email to get more information.
Thank you to MORE for sharing Lyn with your audience there are bound to be MANY grateful testimonials to follow!

Isabella 07.04.2011

I read the article and what Lesley Jane Seymour had to say and contacted Lyn-Genet right away. I'm on day 7 of my own Plan and am really happy with the results. I want to lose 15 pounds but was more concerned with digestion and eczema. My eczema is GONE and my stomach isn't bloated any more. I have lost 6.5 pounds so far.I like that we e-mail daily and Lyn explains how food reacts with you each day. The first day was really hard, I had a bad headache and felt really tired but I made it through and now have so much energy and am sleeping better. So far so good!


I am extremely disappointed by this article, for multiple reasons. I read every nutrition article I see, and have read multiple books on the topic. I am a university professor in a science field. Until now, I have not been aware of any person who claims to know the answer to eating healthfully based on "my research" which is NOT research at all, it is anecdotal evidence based on conversations with a few clients. This is not science, and it is not medicine. It's intriguing but I would give it as much credibility as something one of my friends might tell me about their personal experiences. In particular the list of "reactive foods" appears to be based on nothing much. Anyone would lose weight on the detox; if you study it, the number of calories per day is nowhere near sufficient for most people!!!

Mari Lee07.04.2011

I finished the 3 day detox yesterday and am really happy with the results. I have been on detoxes like the master cleanse and the blueprint diet and was REALLY happy to eat for a change! I lost a total of 4.1 pounds and was amazed to find I like kale. The spicy coco sauce was great. My energy and skin is better and I am thinking of cutting out coffee and yogurt. I had some yogurt this morning and felt really bloated. I looked at Ms Recitas' website and saw it is very reactive.I only ate it because it is supposed to be good for you! I have no problem giving it up

William Gillett07.03.2011

I did a 3 day detox as part of Lyn-Genet's nutrition plan. It helped unravel mysteries of weight gain for myself and my daughter and was refreshing free of proprietary supplements. It pushed me to buy and prepared good food. Dinners were interesting one and two pot affairs. Spices long forgotten were rediscovered. My daughter responded to new tastes and willingly ate vegetables for the first time in years. It is not for everyone - novice cooks may find the non-specific recipes intimidating. But for me it has been a gateway to preparing good food and controlling my diet by discovering which foods agreed or disagreed with my chemistry.

Yelena Patish07.02.2011

I am really disappointed by the negative comments below. Why are people so quick to judge something before they give it a try? I went on The Plan a year and 1/2 ago and it has completely changed my life in so many ways that I can't even describe. Everything Lyn talkes about is 100% true. She is pure genius and goes out of her way to help her clients through the whole process. In addition, part of her plan is teaching you how to become independent and in control of your eating, so you are not dependent on her. Once you start with Lyn, you will never look at food, dieting, or weight loss in the same way. I have tried a variety of diets - there is nothing like this out there. And thanks to her recipes, I actually cook now. I highly recommend it! Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Just look at her - she looks amazing!

Barbara 07.01.2011

I found Recitas' list of reactive foods on her website. Not sure if your posting system will let me include it here but I'll try: http://www.neighborhoodholistic.com/food_allergies-aging___reactive_food... Anyway, this list is interesting, but chicken (of all things!) is not even on the list. Such a popular source of protein for so many. I am so intrigued by this concept, but Recitas is maybe just "not ready for prime time." And it's disappointing that More would present something to its readers with so many holes and unknowns.

I agree with Jo. This article needs more input from the nutritionist and MUCH BETTER editing. Hard to believe you presented this to a national, possibly international, audience of readers. Very poor quality material, but I am intrigued by The Plan nonetheless.

Jo 06.28.2011

Many omissions and errors here! I should think that a top nutrition guru would develop The Plan so that detoxers can follow it safely and accurately with maximum benefit. This calls for specificity and clear instructions, neither of which is present here. As written, The Plan is not up to the standards that I have come to expect from More. Please proofread, test and post corrections for those who are willing to try it.

Jane Dowrick06.28.2011

Fascinating but may not be safe for many people. Suggest an article on the wonderful resources in Mayo Clinic online. Thanks for MORE - - love it!

Barbara 06.27.2011

This three-day plan is overly complicated and expensive. As a first step, this is ill-conceived. Can't you recommend a very, very simple plan to follow for three days that would not require us to buy so many specialty ingredients? Most people would be very willing to go on quite a restrictive program for three days, if a list of non-reactive foods was provided.

liz1 06.27.2011

I found this story fascinating as I have suffered from migraines for 30 years and have sensed many of them are related to food. I think sugar is evil and related to many diseases especially cancers. My only criticism is that this appears to be a complicated plan and the cost is somewhat high for the average joe, which is too bad. More detail instructions would have been good.

Nancy EB06.27.2011

I am very intrigued by this diet and Lyn-Genet Recitas. I have believed for years that an inflammatory response is causing a lot of health issues. If there is a dietary way to deal with it, I'll try it. I developed celiacs a few years ago which is an auto-immune response to gluten in food. I eat gluten free now and definitely feel better. But, I think there is more in my diet that I need to take a look at. Thank you for this very interesting article!


These are without a doubt the lamest excuses for recipes I have ever read. No recipe for Dinner #1- chard, etc. Read the recipe for the coco sauce again - "saute spices (to taste), reduce 20 min.! Idiotic! I've been in the restaurant business and am an accomplished home cook. I can figure out what to do with this food. It would have been nice if an editor (or the writer!) read this before it went to print. Lame!

Jena Heath06.21.2011

Where is the spicy coco sauce recipe that goes with the Day 1 dinner?

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