'Love Is Not Abuse' App Launches for Parents of Teens

The iPhone app allows parents to experience firsthand the way teens face abuse via technology.

By Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Yes, we’d be lost without our iPhone. And, OK, we admit to spending way more minutes a day catching up on our Facebook feed than we do cleaning the house. But we can’t imagine what it would have been like to be a teenager with this technology at our well-manicured fingertips.

We didn’t even have caller ID back when we were kids. How else could we have gotten away with calling our ninth grade crush with our girlfriends giggling in the background, only to hang up as soon as we heard his adorably cracking voice?

But, boy oh boy, have things changed. And as great as technology can be, it’s also opened the floodgates for a whole new form of abuse. Teens are taking the technological hit from girlfriends and boyfriends and parents are often left struggling with how to deal with it.

Guess what? Now there's an app for that. Love Is Not Abuse from Liz Claiborne Inc. is a free app aimed at parents that provides a real-time demo depicting the type of text, email and phone call abuse teens may be facing in their relationships.

The app also provides dating abuse facts, lists warning signs, and offers advice on how to talk to your teens and take action. 

It kind of makes us yearn for the days when a passed note or an innocent prank call was the norm. But a good offense, as they say, is often the best defense. And, trust us, this is one game in which you don’t want to be stuck on the sidelines.

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First Published August 10, 2011

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