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New Dating Questions for the 21st Century

Ahh, the modern age. Science and technology have made life so convenient and digital. You can use the Internet to make an appointment at the DMV and control your house's thermostat with your phones. But although many things have gotten easier, dating has only gotten more complicated. For example, on the Style Network's reality show "Sperm Donors," a man confessed to his fiancé over drinks that he'd fathered 70 children. His bride-to-be managed to keep her martini from coming out of her nose and she even blamed herself for "not asking the right questions."; Apparently it's no longer enough just to ask if a potential mate wants children; now a girl's gotta ask, "How many biological offspring have your college sperm donations produced?" Before you get engaged—or even serious with a new steady—the questions that need to be asked and answered have definitely changed. Here are a few we'd recommend sorting out before it's too late.

Cell Phones

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“Are we in each other’s cellular network? At the very least, do you have an unlimited messaging plan?”

Dating question

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“How many wives do you now have, or do you hope to have in the future?”

Dating question

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“How many sex tapes of you are currently available on the internet?”

Dating question

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“Have you been the same sex since birth? Do you have any plans to ever be a different sex? Please explain.”

“Are you a Mac or a PC?”

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“Are you a Mac or a PC?”

Dating question

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“Are you now or have you ever been prohibited from a) flying, b) donating blood, or c) living within 500 feet of a school?”

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Dating question

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“Please describe your last breakup in 140 characters or less.”

Dating question

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“How many other women have you been with? How many men?”

Dating question

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“Which psychiatric medications do you currently take? Do you have an actual prescription for them?”

Dating question

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“What is your dietary restriction—Pescatarian? Candida diet? Caveman diet? Master Cleanse? Macrobiotic?”

Dating question

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“In your opinion, what is the maximum number of infants that can acceptably inhabit the same womb?”

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