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Spontaneous Things to...

Spontaneous Things to Do with Your Partner

Once you’ve been with someone for more than a couple of years, it is hard to keep dating them. Not that they get old, but you have them. They are part of your life, but you should still woo them. There are many reasons that people stop being romantic with their partners: kids, long working hours, chores, dishes, yard work, errands, carelessness, or they simply don’t see the need. Whatever the reason is, you need to get planned spontaneity!

Being spontaneous takes planning. Sure, you could just whisk your partner away to a romantic adventure at the drop of a dime, but there are a lot of unknowns. Destroy the unknowns and gear yourself up for excitement. Plans are in the making. You just need to be spontaneous to take that chance, and also to convince the other person that you are serious.

Here are some spontaneous activities and their prerequisites:

Picnic: A favorite since the dawn of civilization. Let’s eat lunch outside. Sure, it may be 90 degrees or -10 degrees, but the dinner table is old and boring.

Picnic Planning: Try to pick a food that your partner likes, that is portable, and keeps for the amount of time you need. Visualize what you would like in a meal. Make sure you can complete the preparations easily. I am a sucker for a good cold salad. I will need to make it ahead of time. Bring all of the utensils, napkins, and a blanket to sit on. Toss in some potato salad, some drinks (wine is good, just make sure you don’t drink and drive), and a quick dessert, and you have an afternoon or evening to remember. Bring a candle and a lighter for extra ambience. Oh, also it is nice to scope out a location ahead of time. Try to make the decisions and diverge spontaneously when appropriate.

Star Gazing: I know your town has stars because I took astronomy. They are everywhere.

Star Gazing Planning: Look around on the internet to find a guide that shows what is overhead at your location in the time of year you are in. Dress for the weather and try to pick a day it will be clear. At the very least, you can snuggle in a blanket in a field somewhere. Bring protection.

Estate Sales: One of my personal favorites. Fun to do and cheap too.

Estate Sales Planning: Pick up a newspaper on Friday and look at the garage/estate sales that are going on that weekend. Make it a triple header by preparing breakfast, going out sailing, then out for lunch. I recommend going to estate sales and moving sales, as you usually get to go inside of the house and pretty much everything is on sale. You don’t have to buy anything. It is always fun just talking about what the houses or garage sales have. You never know you could find something you’ve always wanted.

Easy ideas:

  • Flowers: Pick some, put some in the bathroom, and send them to her/his office. This is an easy one without much need of preparation. It is very nice for someone to come home and see that there are fresh flowers somewhere conspicuously. Let him/her notice them and don’t worry if they don’t.
  • Walk in the Park: Easy thing to do. Chill yourself and your partner out. Go look at a koi pond, walk around a lake, pick berries, etc.
  • Draw a Bath: No, don’t get out your pad and paper. Pick up some candles, a rubber duckie, bath salts, or bubbles and wait for your partner to get home after a long day. This is an activity that is just for them. Show them you care by not getting in the way.

Well, those are just a few things. I’m sure you’ll think of others. Just remember to stay positive, brush your teeth, and have a good time. Spontaneity can be easy and fun. Just prepare a bit and act natural.

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