‘Mademoiselle’ No Longer Official French Title

Women’s groups campaigned against the word, which they deemed sexist

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

The French are saying au revoir to the title Mademoiselle.

Reuters reports that women in France had been forced to take on that title when filing official documents if they were single, or Madame if they were married. Now it’s just Madame for women and Monsieur for menthe news service says.

Women’s groups had advocated the change, calling the term sexist, given that Monsieur can be used for both single and married men, according to Reuters.

“Far from being flattering, the title ‘Mademoiselle’ obliges women to divulge their private life, as if marriage conferred a superior value on women,” says a statement from groups campaigning for the change, the news service reports.“It’s a reminder of the time when women passed, through marriage, from the authority of their fathers to the authority of their husbands.”

And so, Mademoiselle, we bid you adieu. Now, about this word Miss . . .

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First Published February 24, 2012

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