Will You Buy Madonna’s New Fashion Line?

Aimed at older women, ages 27 to 50, the collection launches at Macy’s in 2012.

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

We’ve been living in a material world since we bought our first Madonna album—remember those round things?—in the ’80s, watching our favorite pop star transform from boy toy to cone bras to Marilyn to Evita to goth to geisha to country to disco to earth mama to grownup glam.

We seethed in jealousy when she launched her first fashion line, Material Girl, last summer at Macy’s, with a teen customer in mind. But finally, finally!, Madonna is coming out with a line for her early adopters. Truth or Dare by Madonna is set to hit Macy’s next year, with more department stores to follow, and it’ll be aimed at women ages 27 to 50, according to a press release.

We’re thanking our lucky stars! The line will start with a perfume, shoes, handbags, accessories and intimates, the release states.

Sadly, we’re guessing there won’t be a fingerless lace glove in the bunch. Will you express yourself with Madonna’s new collection? Leave a comment below!

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First Published November 4, 2011

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