Makeup Bag Must-Haves In Your 40s

You probably see some signs of aging now: a few fine lines, some sun damage (as in spots and uneven skin tone) and a little less radiance. But all in all, nothing the occasional mental-health day—and some strategically placed makeup—can’t minimize. Here’s what you need

by Genevieve Monsma
Photograph: Todd Huffman

8. Vivid, sheer lip color
We’re losing pigment everywhere: hair, skin—and lips. So brightening up the mouth with a vivid lip color makes your whole face appear fresher, says Roncal. The most flattering option is a creamy, sheer -formula, like a tinted lip balm with an extra dose ofpigment. Our favorite: Rouge d’Armani Sheers (shown above left in No. 500; $30; giorgio​armani​ These shades look nearly neon in the tube, but on the mouth, they’re marvelous. 

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