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Managing the Family...

Managing the Family Calendar


With “over-scheduling” becoming a big hot button for today’s families, keeping obligations, activities and meetings straight can be a real headache…unless you’re organized. Try the following tip, which comes from Margie, a mom in Gladwynne, PA.

I bought the biggest write-on, wipe-off white board calendar I could find. Each family member gets their own assigned marker color, and we write down every activity in advance on the board. For instance, my daughter Jessie’s swimming lessons, birthday parties and soccer practices go on the board in pink; my husband’s client dinners go down in blue (so we know when he won’t be home); and our full-family outings go down in orange (family parties, weekend trips, etc.). I write down my own schedule, too (monthly book club, occasional after-work obligations.) This way there’s one go-to spot for the entire family, and we can avoid double-booking and last minute surprises. I’ve also heard about online planners like or where families can all log in to the same calendar to check, change or schedule important dates no matter where they are. This may be our next step….


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