Mark Feuerstein Remembers His Dear Aunt

Is there a doctor in the Hamptons? You betcha! MORE snagged Mark Feuerstein, the handsome actor who plays Dr. Hank Lawson on the hit series "Royal Pains." Feuerstein teamed up with dozens of celebrities to help raise $3.5 million at the 14th annual Super Saturday fundraiser for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Ilyssa Panitz • celebrity reporter
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More: Why support this cause?

Mark Feuerstein: My aunt passed away from ovarian cancer.

More: I am so sorry. 

MF: I am, too. She was a great lady.

More: So being here is special for you? 

MF: I am so proud of the strides they are making in research to find a cure and get rid of this disease.

More: You are standing here with three kids glued to your arms, legs and back. I am impressed.

MF: I believe in multitasking.

More: Would you ever ask the writers on Royal Pains to write an episode that deals with ovarian cancer?
MF: It is hard to write story lines about cancer because it is an ongoing battle and on this program we like to wrap up story lines at the end of each episode. Someday I hope to. One of our creators is very involved in Stand Up To Cancer, and in one of the episodes I am running on the beach in a Stand Up To Cancer T-shirt. Though our show can’t depict the subject in just one episode, we support the cause in other ways.

More: Were you close with your aunt?
MF: Very much so. And we're here today with both her children and grandchildren in her honor.

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First Published August 3, 2011

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