Marla Maples Dishes on The Donald, Their Daughter and Flying Solo

Marla Maples, one of Donald Trump's many ex-wives, discusses their short marriage and quick divorce all captured in the public eye. In the edited version of our interview with Maples, learn where she gained the courage to go at it alone and raise a daughter as a single mom.                              

Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
marla maples gives back to kids in need image
Photograph: Tiffany Trump

More: Does she have a relationship with her siblings?
MM: Yes. Actually, Ivanka helped Tiffany secure an internship at Vogue this year. She would go to work at 5:30 AM, and even got to have lunch with Anna Wintour.

More: Did you and Tiffany do anything special when you weren’t working?
MM: We went to Africa with the “Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation” to work with a few orphanages for a couple of weeks. Our job was to deliver food to the villages. We also got to see the schools where people can learn to be better farmers and create a better water supply.

More: Did you ever want to get remarried? 
MM: Tiffany was always number one. She came before everything else, including another relationship. As a result, it became hard to create space for a man. I became engaged to Michael Mailer years ago but in the end I wasn’t quite ready to be married again. While a lot of single moms went out on the weekends when their kids were with their dads, I never had that opportunity because I was a full-time mom.

More: Why?
MM: Priorities. I didn’t have that time to myself to discover that part of myself.

More: Any regrets?
MM: Oh no. Tiffany is my greatest gift and I am so happy I got to be the parent who was there for her. I will cry when she leaves for college. My ex-husband has his mission and his devotion to what he wants to do in the world. Maybe I didn’t make tons of money, but I have a relationship with my daughter that is way more valuable.

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First Published October 7, 2011

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Nelly maya Kirl10.23.2011

She is a tough and a sensible woman,also a great mother.i would really like to read more of articles like these ones.keep up the good work.

Nelly maya Kirl10.23.2011

I really love the story.really!why did she love the man whole heartedly.---just a thought!

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