New Faces of Fashion? Mature Models (Yay!)

Angela Lansbury is among the older women on magazines covers and in ads

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Sorry, 18-year-old models. You can take your smooth, taut skin and step to the back of the line. The Guardian of London reports that today’s fashion brands are looking to more mature women to sell their goods. Exhibit A: Angela Lansbury.

OK, so it’s not as though there still isn’t plenty of room for youth in advertising campaigns. But Lansbury, 86, is on the current cover of Brit pub The Gentlewoman; a 62-year-old model stars in the fall-winter Lanvin campaign; and the MAC Cosmetics collection modeled by Iris Apfel, 91, was a sellout, according to the newspaper.

Even American Apparel, a fave among the hipster set, used a 60-year-old model in a campaign this year, The Guardian adds.

“It’s great when women who are not ordinarily included in mainstream media are featured purely because they’re great rather than representing some awful theme, like the ‘Age Issue,’ ” The Gentlewoman editor Penny Martin tells the newspaper. “Editing a women’s magazine is a bit like planning a fantasy house party, full of women you admire.”

Is it just us, or are you suddenly dying for a Murder She Wrote marathon?

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