Celeb Sit-Down: Maya Rudolph

The former SNL star talks about her movie Bridesmaids and comic inspiration.

By Brantley Bardin
Maya Rudolph Photo
Photograph: Hilary Walsh/Art + Commerce

Now starring as a bride with dueling attendants in the movie BRIDESMAIDS
Best known for her impression OF Donatella Versace on Saturday Night Live
Big-screen breakout her poignant pregnancy in Away We Go
Girls just wanna have fun I wouldn’t know what a testosterone-fueled set is because I’m not a man, but when it’s all predominantly women—on Bridesmaids we had crazy fun. I laughed more than I’ve ever laughed making a movie.
Love from New York . . . A lot of the SNL cast are still good friends of mine [Rudolph left in 2007]. I talk to the writers, I talk to Lorne [Michaels, the producer]. It’s like how people love to be current on politics. I love to be current on the show.
Delighting in dunces I like [impersonating] dumb people. I like people who are really unaware of what they’re doing. And I don’t even know if they’re necessarily dumb or enhanced by prescription drugs or booze—but I like when people kinda just live out loud.
Anti-social networking I don’t do Facebook or anything, mainly ’cause if I were on the computer for hours, (a) I’d have a huge, fat ass, and (b) I wouldn’t get anything done. And I’m already feeling like I’m not getting any-thing done.

First Published April 26, 2011

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