This is Me

by Madaline Weber • Member { View Profile }

I' am a wonderer, an explorer that looks deeply into my personal soul.

Feels as though I've conquered the universe, my tenacity propels me to reach

beyond the heights of others, taking the road less traveled.


All the while having my fourth child on my 28th completion around the sun.

my internal exploration started with I was ten.

Having an advantage over my siblings, being the youngest of three.

My awareness of their actions, taking note of how their actions were

accepted or rejected by our parents, life was easier for me.


November 2012 is my completion of my 70th revolution around the sun.

this contentment that I feel allows me to be one with

Mother Earth.


Taking care of

'My Temple' (body)

with all the love I would give to a new born.

Each moment there is a grand gift that is presented to me from Source.

Recognizing ALL that is presented to me, is the 'Gift'




Our journey continues.


Madaline Freedom Weber

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