Bring Me That Horizon

Opportunities are like horizons. Always in the distance, and once you reach it, another appears.

by KANDACE • Member { View Profile }

When looking out toward the horizon, it seems there is the water’s edge with no separation of sky and space, an endless vista of blue, nothing interfering with the field of vision except a cloud, vessels or maybe the flight of a bird soaring over. From my perspective, the scope of sky and sea is like a magnifying glass bringing everything into view. Whether it is on a sunlit day with the ocean’s dazzling gleam greeting the light blue sky or the evening with the brilliance of the coral sun setting slowing, sinking into the body of salt water or even the gray days when the rain falls like sheets over a dark and boding sea. There it is, out beyond the shore. Opportunities are like the horizon, always there in the distance, and yet once you reach it there is another. There is no boundary. They are limitless if you take the time to see them. Living on an island the horizon is an ever constant. Boats sail by and disappear into it, ships cruise into view from it, planes fly out to it leaving a streak of long vapor clouds behind. I suppose people living in the Midwest see fields of grain and endless prairies as their view, and in the mountains, white capped peaks or gold and orange covered vistas. Whatever each of us has as our guide remember: “The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.” — Maya Angelou

I believe in change as it keeps life interesting, and just as sand shifts under my feet while I walk along the beach so too does my need to encounter new people and experience new venues. As Captain Jack Sparrow says looking down at his compass, “Now bring me that horizon.”

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