Goodbye to the Boy Who Showed Her the World

A tribute to Rik, who introduced her to alternative music, food, magazines, and politics.

by Diane Karagienakos • Member { View Profile }

Rik left a strong impression on everyone who ever met him. You couldn’t love him without sometimes wishing you could shut him up. But you always came back to loving him. He was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in. He'll never know how much he mattered in

this world, not just to me.

Thank you, Rik. For raising my standards. For having my back. For introducing me to The Young Ones and Big Audio Dynamite and Love And Rockets and The Utne Reader and Mother Jones and hot and sour soup and long motorcycle rides in the desert and Amnesty International and Rob (the afore-mentioned roommate). When I phoned Rob to tell him, I lost it a little. When I told him that Rik shaped me more than any other person (besides my parents), Rob said if he were here he'd give me a hug. Which made me even sadder because I'll bet that at the end, Rik had no one to hug. And it kills me that that is permanent.

I want to share some good news before signing off. When I came home from that luncheon, I got my dog Picard and went for a walk. Because at that time, I was still was mourning the loss of my scarf rather than Rik. I walked to the bus stop and there I found my scarf, tied at eye-level to the bus stop pole, blowing in the wind! I almost got hit by a car running toward it. I was so happy for this one act of random kindness from a total stranger at a time when I so desperately needed something good.

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