Letters About the October Issue: Part I

Readers respond to the October issue.

By the More.com editors

As a subscriber of MORE, I do not wish to read stories about anyone in politics. Case in point, Nancy Pelosi in “The Most Powerful Woman In U.S. History.” I don’t feel she is the type of person your magazine should promote, nor should you affiliate yourself with any political party. She has had more plastic surgery than most Hollywood people her age. I don’t feel she is anyone I want to emulate. Powerful or not, magazines should not promote political figures.
Sharon Jourdain
When I looked at the wording on October’s cover : “We Sit Down With the Most Hated Woman In America," I was more concerned by the inherent message in the wording, than I was in discovering the subject of the article.
Once I saw that Nancy Pelosi was the subject, I wondered again about the wording of the article’s title. By stating that she is “the most hated woman in America,” you place the responsibility on the reader. The onus should be on Nancy Pelosi. No matter what political party I support, I do not support the immoderate views of Nancy Pelosi.
However, I do not loathe, detest, or despise her. She is immoderate in her political views and both arrogant and condescending towards anyone who disagrees with her. Your article reinforces Pelosi’s reputation, which is a reputation she built on her own character. It would have been more honest to place the responsibility for Pelosi’s reputation on Pelosi herself,  having the title read: “How Pelosi Got a Reputation for Self-Importance.” 
Nancy J. Redditt
Mont Clare, PA

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