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First Published February 11, 2010

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Rita Kendrick04.02.2013

What We Leave Behind by Patti Davis:
Upon reading this last-page essay in the March issue of my favorite monthly magazine, it left me with a feeling I could not identify. I re-read it and found I could connect and agree with the essence of what Ms. Davis was conveying regarding the importance of what we leave behind. With this being said, why was I stuck on some level of discomfort around this article?
I have concluded, in my humble view point, it seems to contain an element of judgmental thinking that is difficult for me to support. What each of us leaves behind is as different as every unique soul on the planet. Is it really justified to go from the dirty windows and weeds, to condemning these individuals as messy and neglectful in relationships or that somehow, they are less than desirable human beings?
What we choose to leave behind is not about weeds and dirty windows. And, what we choose to leave behind is important. I think about those I know who have clean windows, beautiful yards and gardens, as well as those who don’t. I just see people with different priorities, time demands, life situations and generally, varied differences in how they like or need to spend their precious time.
Life is messy; relationships can be and yes, so can yards and windows. I choose to recognize there are many fine people whose lives and relationships are rich, who have contributed greatly to making the world or environment better and have made a choice to spend their time in ways that speaks to their hearts and what is important to them.


My comment is about "The New Breast Rating You Need To Know" in the April issue. I had a "normal" mammogram in February 2012. I was 48 at the time with no history of breast cancer in my family. I started going for annual mammograms when I turned 40. All "normal". In August of 2012 I found a lump in my right breast and was diagnosed with an agressive triple negative breast cancer. Turns out, my breasts are very dense. I had no idea that breast density could affect test results. Thank you More Magazine for continuing to educate women on these very important health issues.


I just read the letter from the editor about how to be an age warrior. I for one am sick of the negativity surrounding aging. Comments like "bring the subject of aging out in the open" or "we need to keep going" only supports that kind of negativity,speaking of aging as though it's a disease. I love the aging process,not everyone sees it as something we wish we could stop. Yes, it may have drawbacks but those existed in being young also. There is no perfect age.
I looked forward to turning 40 for several years, knowing at that point I would have accomplished certain things and that many of may goals will have already been met. I appreciate the wisdom and confidence that come with getting older because of life experiences. I'm no longer struggling with education, career, or family ambitions. I can focus on me now and having fun and doing anything I want or don't want.
I enjoy fashion but I'm not worried with how I'm viewed, I realize now, how clothes make me feel is what's important. I love not having to keep up appearances in any aspect of my life, I've earned where I am at in life and I will enjoy it anyway I see fit.
Yes, youth is wonderful but aging also has so many upsides and I for one embrace it! Enjoy life at every age!

Gail 03.26.2013

I've been subscribing since I turned 40 and have not looked back. Having outgrown other magazines, I was glad to have found a place that celebrates women over 40. The last couple of issues have been different and I see references to women in their 30s. These women have countless publications offering advice and celebrating them. Your original plan was what made me subscribe. Women over 40 need their own place. Please stick to the original plan.

marcella lamar03.24.2013

April issue has a lovely photo on page 14 inviting readers to enter the "shop till you drop" $5,000 shopping spree. Except the deadline to enter was February 28! Come on, who missed this one?

marcella lamar03.24.2013

April issue has a lovely photo on page 14 inviting readers to enter the "shop till you drop" $5,000 shopping spree. Except the deadline to enter was February 28! Come on, who missed this one?

Suzanne Gay03.23.2013

I am a bit behind in my reading, so my comment is actually about the February issue. I was surprised and disappointed with the article entitled "If great poets had sexted... ". I felt it was not in line with the reputation that More has or what the majority of the readers of More want to see. It seemed like something out of Cosmopolitan. Please do not let that type of article make the cut in a future More magazine. Thanks!

Suzanne Gay03.22.2013

I am a bit behind on my More reading so this comment is actually regarding the February issue. I was surprised and disappointed to see the piece called "If great poets sexted..." This was in bad taste and did not seem appropriate for More magazine....maybe Cosmo but not More. Please clean up your act in the future! I always enjoy my "More time" but did not enjoy this article at all.

Betty Aten03.22.2013

The Fashion for Grown-ups article was fun reading, but why start in the 30s (hardly grown-up) and end at 60? There are many examples of fashion-savvy women in their 70s & 80s. Please don't sell the older gals short.
Also, I was happy to see Connie Britton your cover and enjoyed reading about her. But, what's with the cheesy photos? MORE is supposed to be a magazine for women. We don't need to see Connie (or anyone else) in stilettos and provocative poses.
Please do more articles about women like Jessica Dominguez -- truly inspiring.

RoseMarie Ingleton,MD and Angela Bassett are NOT handsome, They are Beautiful!!! Ms RoseMarie Ingleton's story should have accompanied her photograph with "HER NAME" included with the photograher,so we know without confusion this beautiful Black Woman is not only beautiful but a Doctor! Beauty Secrets of Women Who Age Well by Emily Listfield

Michelle Watts03.17.2013

I've been a subscriber to More for several years and give it as a gift to my best friend and to my mother, who is 74. I just received my April 2013 issue to see the splashy "This is What 30, 40, 50 Looks Like. I had hoped that More would be a magazine that would follow me, my mother, and my friends right along into our older years. Women 60 and over are barely recognized, if at all, in magazines. I know and admire so many women in their 60s, 70s, and even 80s who are still dynamic, attractive, and very much engaged in their lives. It seems MORE is selling out and moving in the wrong direction. A 30-year-old is just getting started on the journey, and almost every magazine on the newstand is directed towards her and women in their 20s. Your magazine is now directed to "Women of Style and Substance" rather than women 40 and over. How disappointing that you've sold out and betrayed your older readers. Yes, I realize that the actual article includes those in their 60s; but why not include women in their 70s and even older? They are the true inspirations, and they are significant, even though they apparently have no presence in this publication. I guess it really is true that women of a certain age become invisible, but I never thought More would be a publication to prove that.

Grace 03.06.2013

.This was my first issue of More and i was thoroughly enjoying the articles until I flipped the page.
I was very Disappointed in advertisement on page 140 in the February issue. I do not believe that this kind of ad is appropriate for your magazine. This kind of ad belongs in a porn magazine. Please consider the reader when you except certain ads for you magazine.

Elizabeth 02.28.2013

Love, Love, Love your magazine, but am really puzzled by your "What To Wear For Grownups" feature in your March issue. If you are 60+ you can only wear black and white? There is not one color in two pages of fashion. How depressing, and ridiculous.

Elizabeth 02.28.2013

Love, Love, Love your magazine, but am really puzzled by your "What To Wear For Grownups" feature in your March issue. If you are 60+ you can only wear black and white? There is not one color in two pages of fashion. How depressing, and ridiculous.

ES 02.11.2013

Disappointed to see a recommendation for Dahn Yoga in the Feb. issue. 5 minutes of internet research - not to mention visiting a "store" - would have revealed it for what it is: a cult with a corrupt and possibly criminal leader that exploits young labor and preys on single women over 50 with their multi-tiered system of "purifying" services and pseudoscience. You have lost credibility with this reader.

I enjoy your magazine and was thrilled that you chose to include the article about Katherine Bouton's book Do You Hear What I Hear. I can't wait to read it. I also began losing my hearing in my 30's so I can totally relate to everything she's experienced. Thanks Katherine and More magazine for getting the word out about how many of us struggle with this. My hope is that someday accomodations for the hearing impaired with be readily available in all public buildings and at functions open to the public.

Heather Hensley02.03.2013

I finally sat down and cancelled my subscription and regret not doing it sooner. I was thoroughly disgusted by the September issue of More in which fur is featured in one of the layouts. Really? I guess I am not surprised since the magazine seems to be geared toward materialistic "women of style and substance." Women who apparently think it is OK to condone the cruel practice of raising animals for their fur in the name of "fashion."

BONNIEJ 02.01.2013

Just took the MORE Opinionista survey on healthcare. It did not address the two concerns I have regarding the new ACA legislation. The first one is that Medicare reimbursements to providers, especially doctors who are specialists, have been cut significantly. I think this will force a number of MDs to stop or curtail services to Medicare patients. I don't know why more of this does not get covered in the media. Secondly, the cost of prescription medications, especially those for mental illness is crazy. I have a college aged daughter who is thankfully on the Dean's List. She must take medication for ADHD and being borderline for bipolar disorder which cost $800 per month! The Seroquel she takes is especially expensive. We pay this until our insurance deductible is met each year, and I fear for her in a few years if her employer does not have a decent health plan.

I just read the story for pro gray and couldn't find the comment area, is there where we write all our comments not on the article itself?
The writer was right on, I went gray five years ago when I lost all my hair from chemo...it came in a lovely silver with other gray shades and I love it... Lets all stand up and say yes indeed...gray is the new blonde I love it.
Dorothy Stahlnecker

Hello More,
I would love to see styles by Yolanda Foster (HOBH). She has great casual style for us "real" ladies but also knows how to dress it up without being "over the top" hollywood. I got a kick when she referred to the other housewives as "you Beverly Hills girls" as she drank her green vegie drink!. Thanks so much, Karahn Yates-Harris


My daughter lives in Germany. While she was visiting me she read your magazine and loved it. I would like to give her a subscription as a gift. What are the rates of your overseas subscription? Please let me know. Her birthday is coming up soon.

ali lee01.01.2013

Hey More Community -- I am going to train (power walk/jog) for the 2013 More 1/2 Marathon. Would love to join or start a walking/training group here in NYC. I am on the UWS and could meet at either Central or Riverside Parks either early morning, evenings and/or weekends. Thanks! ali


As I just finished the epic book: The Warmth of Other Suns, By Isabel Wilkerson, it was refreshing to read an article in the same vein, "The Hidden Message of Style" By Margo Jefferson. Coming off of that tremendous tome, it was exciting to read this story and celebrate the women of color in it! Thank you!

Pat MacLean12.05.2012

I enjoy hearing about interesting women. Would like to hear more about them and healthy lifestyles. Must give feedback on Pamela Satran's DEAR FIDO commentary. Tell her she certainly doesn't have to apologize to Fido for not adopting him. He wouldn't want her either! She would rather go shopping than dog walking, but it is her loss, not the dog's. I have seen my therapy dog bring great joy to many people---beginning with me---and I feel blessed to have the capacity to love him more than a "great pair of heels."


Re: 15 Minute Anti-Aging Workout.
I teach an exercise class (certified by ACE) at our church for ladies over 60. We do all 6 of the exercises, plus several more. I would like to recommend an additional exercise, possibly switch off with the "Floppy Thighs". Using a sturdy, kitchen type chair, "sit down and stand up". Use good posture and put most of your weight on heels when you stand up. Do 8 to 10 reps. This may look easy but your heart rate will increase and you'll feel it in your calves and hamstrings. Proper form is very important when doing squats and the "sit down stand up" variation will help maintain proper form. This is an exercise working gals could do during the day at work. Add a few pushups - we do ours against the counter top, instead of on the floor, and you have a fast, easy daily work out that uses many muscles.

Sandy Hall11.21.2012

I am a fairly new subscriber to MORE, which I find suits me better than those magazines that focus on the younger/skinny crowd. I am a successful, fit 48 year-old professional appraiser, who has operated a small business in the black for six years. However, in getting caught up on my reading, I just finished the October 2012 issue. I am commenting on your piece on "the Seven Newswomen". I am very dissapointed to see all seven women represent the mainstream media, of which two I witnessed as "falling from professional grace" on air in their treatment of candidates other than democrates. There is not one kudo for conservative, balanced professionals such as Greta Van Susteren and Megyn Kelly. My question is why, and if your magazine is going to continue to support the liberal agenda, why should I as a conservative business person continue to subscribe?

Leanne Evans11.19.2012

I recently received my first issue of a free subscription to More that I'm not 100% sure how I was added to. I carried it in my bag for about 3 weeks until the train ride in to work this morning when I found a few minutes to myself so I thought I would read and see what your magazine was all about. I'm one of those people who read magazines backwards; back inside cover first. Can't explain why, but I do. So as I flipped open the back cover, my first impression was not a good one. To read, as my first taste of your publication, a writer who blantantly dismissed the benefits and love of adopting a pet was so depressing, I couldn't believe it was to be the last word of your current issue. Even the graphic was depressing. A puppy's face with a slash over it like a no-smoking sign... seriously? To Ms. Pamela Redmond Satran... I hope that at the end of an especially tough day that your great pair of high heels are waiting at the door with unconditional love for you because you obviously place more value on material things over saving the life of an animal that would most likely bring you more joy than having your own personal shoe stylist for life. Shame on you. And shame on More for giving you the forum for your selfish opinions. I gained nothing from reading your column, there's absolutely nothing of benefit to hear you are basically lazy and don't want the responsibility of another "child." You're ignorance has obviously rubbed off on your own husband and kids (you've even managed to turn your own kids against the idea of having a pet?) ...and now you've managed to make my first interaction with this publication my absolute last. What an inspiration you are to us all!

Stephanie 11.15.2012

I was horribly disappointed to see More advertising fur in the September 2012 issue. Adrienne Landau mass produces clothing from fur which, in the industry, is called Chinese "raccoon" fur. In reality, it is from the raccoon dog, and the means by which the animal's fur is harvested is sickenly cruel. Countless petitions have been written to stop the unecessary slaughter, and high end stores across the US are banning sales of any clothing made from the pelts. More claims to be "for women of style and substance". A select few still consider fur a style. I can, however, think of no woman of substance who could watch these dogs being slaughtered, then support the killing by rushing out to purchase an $800 garment produced from it. Come on, More...you know better.

Mary 11.13.2012

I bought a subscription to More through Publisher's Clearing House. Delivery of my magazine didn't start until I called Customer Service to complain. Now after only receiving 2 issues, my November issue never arrived. When I went to the More website to report a missing issue, I got a message that the issue was no longer available! And they wonder why print media is dying?

Susan Calhoun11.11.2012

On page 38 of your November 2012 issue you show a pair of Bass shoes with ametal accent...Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff patent leather flats for $139.00 When I got to the Bassshoes.com website they are not listed/depicted.
Can you advise? Also, I sure don't get Bebe's problem!!!

Jackie 11.07.2012

I was pleased to see that the November issue contained far fewer "anti-aging" ads. Only two: Avon and L'Oreal. Now, if those two companies would eliminate the anti-aging (anti-growing old) descriptors from their ads, I'd be even happier. I was, however, dismayed to see that More.com has an entire section entitled "anti-aging." Please! There is nothing wrong with taking care of oneself, but we are not going to stop the aging process and no product we use will stop it either. I like More, but am awaiting the time when they publish their first issue that truly values those of us over 40.

Bebe 11.02.2012

Re:"Why Is America's First Lady Stuck In Time?" You included Mrs. Romney next to Mrs. Obama, Mrs.Clinton and Mrs. Bush. Mrs Romney is not a "First Lady", she is the wife of a former Governor. Either you are making a partisan statement, trying to influence decisions or the author of the article has her head up her.......(something). It is too late to correct this however I will be carefully reviewing your articles and will drop my subscription in a heartbeat if I see any other indication of a partisan slant. I am sharing this with facebook, twitter and with every social media available. I am furious. OBTW- here is a letter that my husband wrote about this issue.
Dear Ms. Seymour,
The article by Jodi Kantor in November's Issue is interesting. The accompanying photo is not.
How do you possibly justify using Ann Romney's photo next to three bona fide First Ladies. Ann Romney is not and, in all likelihood, will not be this nation's First Lady. Simply the wife of an ex-Governor. Nothing more; nothing less. Wasn't it just a wee bit premature - and in poor taste - to include her in the company of Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. Bush, and Mrs. Obama! I wonder if Mrs. Obama saw the article. I'm sure she'd be thrilled to see Ann Romney with equal billing.
Did I miss something? Are you published by Fox Broadcasting? At least, that would explain your poor taste. But you're not. You're published by Meredith, and you have a fine magazine. My wife is a devoted reader, and I often check it out, as well.
Bad form, Ms. Seymour. Bad form.
Paul Tasner

Is anyone out there inundated with telephone calls about MORE subscriptions? For the past two years, I've received a call at least once a week--sometimes more often. I have requested my name be removed from the call list, to no avail. Today, so far, I have received THREE calls. During the first I told the caller my subscription would not run out for at least three years, and was told my name would be removed. We shall see if this is done. I renew my subscription and give gift subscriptions to MORE. If this mindless marketing ploy does not stop, I will cancel my subscription, cease giving the magazine as a gift and will request a refund. Unfortunately, I like the magazine and would hate to take this step. However, at this moment, MORE beats the political campaigns hands down in the number of phone calls made to me! No other publication to which I subscribe uses the tactic to this extreme. The attorney general's office in Meredith Corporation's home state is another option.


I think your portrayal of the first ladies on page 26 of the Nov. issue was sadly out of taste. Mrs. Romney has not earned the title of first lady of our nation.


I loved the articles in the last issue of More. Thanks for the good work.


I received the October 2012 issue a few days ago. I leafed through it twice but couldn't find an article that captured my interest sufficiently to stop and read it.

Carol 10.21.2012

I have subscribed to More for many years. This is the first time I have written about a story. The October 2012 issue, Notebook Ha-Ha Moment... I am truly disappointed that the picture and story line fell under a Ha-Ha moment. The picture is about suicide methods and the comment is made "I want to kill myself after each one" referring to a book. This was in very poor taste. I have had a couple of dear friends die by suicide and there is nothing funny about it. Try to use better judgement next time!

Carol Moss10.05.2012

I have been with More since almost the beginning, first in print and now via my IPad. Over time the degradation of the magazine away from its intent to celebrate mature, successful women has been quite noticeable. As the cosmetic ads increased, articles about turning back the clock, or beating your age became quite predictable.
But this months edition beat all that with a disgusting piece on middle age men. Hey! I am married to my 50 year old husband who treats me with respect and much love. He is one of the best kissers on the planet; he loves my body AND my brain; we have raised two children together and now live in a happy empty nest in the Middle East....do you think for one moment I am going to criticize his body, when he surely doesn't criticize mine, ever!
And quoting Kathy Griffin! Have you lost your mind! Exactly whom of your readers does she represent?!
With this new low you have reached, I have told my lovin' man to non renew my subscription. If I want to turn back the clock, I can turn to any number of other magazines to find out how. But sadly, with your demise, there is no magazine celebrating the wonder that is mid life. Too bad for your missed opportunity. I will take my substantial consumer dollar elsewhwere. Thanks for the memories, of those first great issues....

Jane Wright10.02.2012

Wow, first magazine arrived yesterday and I'm canceling it today. The October issue with the article on aging males was so demeaning and tacky, I sincerely can't figure out how it got printed. The whole race issue in America comes down to this article, it's not the skin color or ethniticity of someone that drives racism, it's the hatred in ones heart toward other fellow human beings. Why is this article ok? Unbelievable. Take me off your mailing list, I'm embarrassed to be on it.


I've been a subscriber for many years, and have given gift subscriptions to my sister and many of my closest friends. I usually find value and information in most of the articles. However, what I find disappointing in the magazine is what part of the United States it appears to be aimed at. I see very few articles that relate to many of the western/southwestern states and women that work in those areas. Most of your ads/contests/articles appear to be about women in the northeastern states. I have yet to see some articles and ads that I can fully relate to. Most of the professional women I work with cannot afford some of the clothing "deals" you put together. We are lucky to be able to afford $50-$100 for a full outfit, one that we can mix and match. Same with most of the cosmetics, and so on. It is starting to appear that MORE is aimed at high end, highly paid women in LA, New York, or somewhere besides the western or southwestern states. I work for state government and work with women from all 50 states, and the majority of us have trouble relating to most of the articles. I think most of us are just as intelligent, beautiful and hardworking as the rest of the country. So why don't you look at doing more articles on women from those parts of the country, and from various job types? It seems many of the articles are written by women who were authors, journalists, fashion designers, but little about other venues, especially those that may have historically been non-traditional careers for women.
I haven't looked at the most recent results from your beauty contest, but last time, there were no selections from the "average" working class women, maybe because we don't have time to go through the process that it takes to enter? These types would like equal time in the magazine, that is, if we could find time to participate during our 60+ hour work week. I see some of this same type comment from other women, so hopefully you'll catch on and do something different.


Yesterday I opened the October and started reading "A field Guide to the Mature Male and was very disappointed that More would publish such a negative article. It was disrespectful to men from the beginning to the end. There is enough meanness in the world, I don't need to read a magazine that encourages it. I have subscribed to MORE for years, and give subscriptions as gifts. I feel I owe an apology to women that I have given a subscription to - they should not have to read this type of garbage.

Marlo 09.25.2012

Have been looking at the October 2012 issue: We take Men's Health, and I've never seen anything in that magazine as disrespectful as "A Field Guide to the Mature Male." There was simply too much not to like. It's too bad MORE can't see men as equals, as human, to be viewed with the same respect accorded women. I'm disappointed in MORE. I would be incensed if the same article were written in the same tone regarding "mature women!" Apparently this is showing the same kind of hypocrisy as did "Why Testosterone Is The New Estrogen:" Please don't dish out what you wouldn't want to take. That's wrong. ...If this is the direction MORE is going, then - although I have been a subscriber since 2002 - I will unsubscribe. Men's Health is full of positive energy: Much better reading for a happy person.

Janet Welsh09.20.2012

I too am becoming more disallusioned with the magazine. I filled in the gift subscription component Sept 13, stating I have 12 close gal pals that I'd like to give a subscription for, and how I might handle that (given I don't have mailing addresses for all). I have had no email back, no contact whatsoever (i even gave my phone number)... There is no phone number for me to call in anywhere on your site. Add to that, that I am patiently waiting for my little pink tote bag from last spring, as I took up the offer and renewed for 2 years... Your customer service is VERY poor... a sales opportunity is getting missed, and no one seems to care... when is my renewal up?

Patty Robfogel09.16.2012

This was a first time read for me (September 2012). Loved it! Actually read from cover to cover, every article, which I seldom do. I want MORE! only problem is I seldom buy a paper magazine, would love to know if you are moving toward an emagazine edition. I have an IPad and have about 10 different subscriptions on it already. Would love to have one for MORE! Any chance it's in the works for the future?

Jade Felder09.02.2012

"Why Testosterone is the New Estrogen" was the most sexist thing I have read in years! We raised our daughters to know they are equal to their brothers. Are we now to teach our grandsons that they are inferior to their sisters? Try reversing all the blanket stereotype statements in this article to favor males, and any magazine foolish enough to print it would be run out of business. What a hateful article. You should be ashamed to have printed it.

Debra Fisher09.01.2012

I just received my first copy of More (September issue) and must say I'm very disappointed and am cancelling my subscription. This magazine is nothing but advertisement with very few informative articles.


Very disappointed in "Man Up", where on page 105, More promotes wearing dead animals in the name of fashion. A scarf made from a raccoon is neither manly nor womanly -- it's just plain cruel.

georgia 08.28.2012

I was very interested in the September 2012 article "Is Your Hair Aging You?" The text was excellent, but I wish there had been more before and after pictures. I would have liked to clip out an "after" picture to show my stylist.

Donna Mills08.12.2012

I completely agree with most things said below by other readers. I am an African american woman and have to point out the absence of people of color in your publication. Unless they are in an advertisement it seems like they are just absent from any stories of substance. I am certain, my black, brown and yellow sisters would love more info on the issues that affect them too, from hair to make-up to health issues and relationships. Please start listening to some of our comments. They are all valid and very important for you to take under consideration. Thank you

kim Eddy08.11.2012

Please, please, please update this website more often! After checking it out for several months, I am still seeing some of the same stuff I read originally! Look at your dates...some of this material could have arrived Pony Express! Thanks for listening---K Eddy

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