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First Published February 11, 2010

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Msbogwan 09.14.2011

Dear MORE,
Are you going to do the MORE gift bag for breast cancer this year like the past two years (at least)? In the past I have texted at a particular time and spent $100 for a great gift bag that benefited breast cancer research.
Thank you!

Hi. You can find a link to the September survey in this story: http://www.more.com/september-2011-survey. We look forward to your feedback!


Agree with some of my fellow readers below re:seeing or the lack thereof, realistic articles/advertisements for women over 40 and beyond. When I see ads for Tiffany, Lancome, J Jill, Alfani, Opi, etc in the Sept issue, that all have women below age 40, I wonder " Am I reading Glamour magazine?". Then I see the article on "6 Fall Makeup Dos and Don'ts" and even you state the models are not yet old enough to drive - so come on More - your audience can drive and has more purchasing power and smarts, so more 'stuff' for us, ok!?


Hi More, in your Sept issue, the Editor-in-Chief, on page 20, is asking readers to complete a survey to help make the magazine better. Tried to complete and it states the survey is closed, yet the official rules state it's open until the end of Sept.?? How does one give feedback or complete the survey. Also, the address more@meredith.com doesn't work either. Thanks.

Linda Readinger08.29.2011

I enjoy your issues very much. Enjoy looking at the clothes and reading the articles. I am now retired after being what I suppose you would call a career person. In other words, I have worked most of my life. Now in my later years I would like to see more people like myself. The slim body is now gone. The middle has gotten thicker no matter what you do.
The clothes I see in your magazine now would have looked great on me years ago. But today, no way. The slim outfits would bulge and pull, the tops are for perky people.
I still want to be in style and look nice when I go out.
I am in my late 60's but I don't feel it.
Please consider this suggestion and in your articles at least gear for us older ladies along with the younger slender ones

Rock 08.22.2011

I refuse to keep getting this magazine. I am 64 and extremely active and yet I see unrealistic things in the magazine. When you do give us a "token" article or pictures of beauty...it's a movie star who probably has had stuff done but won't say. Come on "we want More also"...in fact probably "more" than a 40 year old. Have realistic things in the mag if you want to about beauty. Have plastic surgery or creams or etc. if you want but be honest. Your magazine is anything but honest about aging. You can't even imagine how many athletic and in good shape women over 60 are in now. We still want to live and not be "put in the grave" cause were older. If this magazine is for "older women" then show them in a good light....but not by giving 45 year old model a page in an expensive outfit. You have the idea that this is what 40 looks life....give me a break...we all had good stuff going on at 40....let's see what 50 60 70 and even 80 can be before we pass thru this life. Get real people!!!!!!

Lynne Velling07.09.2011

July/August 2011 issue:
Really like the "Under $100" feature.
Can you make it seasonal?
Like the total issue very much. Very good articles.
75-year old author of VEGAN, BITE BY BITE
Wrote the book and learned the computer at the same time at age 70! Great interview. Her website:
Also, please consider features on:
Holly Petreaus
Jill Biden
Other women in politics! Michelle Bachman, etc.
We need to be informed as we go into the elections.


I just received my first, eagerly awaited, copy of MORE, as a new subscriber. I couldn't wait to read a magazine written for an audience of mature women which honored and embraced their age. Instead I was shocked and very disappointed to find the opposite message in the magazine's pages that "More is not better in regards to women aging." This became very evident to me as I turned the pages of the magazine and found 8 ads for pharmaceuticals(2-targeting depression), 8 ads for anti-wrinkle products, and 3 other anti-aging products. I am sad that this is just another magazine that promotes an unrealistic standard of beauty.


I just read Deborah Copaken Kogan's article and I'd like to add my thank you to More for printing it and to her for writing it. I'm headed to Amazon to find ShutterBabe after this. The idea that young mothers shouldn't do the same things young fathers do is absurd. I was almost killed in a car accident when my son was 3 - should we quit driving cars until our children grow up? What a wild world that would be!

yznancy 07.06.2011

Thank you for the article by Deborah Copaken Kogan on Judging women. Assaults on women have not lessened over the years nor has the pressure to remain silent about these assaults. Women risk a great deal each time they speak out about the continuing reality of being a woman in a man's world. I was in tears as Lara Logan told her story on "60 minutes". I was crying for Lara, but also because as a 63 year old woman I realize that not enough has changed since I was her age. As women who share Lara's reality, we must support one another. Part of being strong women is standing up for one another when it's hard. Thank you for including serious articles in your magazine. I like that there's important information and opinions laced through your other lighter topics. I could care less about someone's hair in her face on the cover, but I care deeply about the violence perpetrated against women. Speaking out about it needs to happen in the magazines that also entertain women. It's happening to all of us when it happens to any of us....


Thank you for running the insightful story of Robin Milona in the June, 2011.

Joanne 07.01.2011

The person who approved the cover of July/August issue should be ashamed. Lisa Kudrow should be upset. Couldn't someone have removed the hair from her face? How about all the static on the top of her head? With all the photoshop & digital technology, this could have been fixed. However, why would a photo shoot even allow this in the first place?

Joanne 06.27.2011

I just about fell over laughing at the wonderful quote from Sarah Silverman on the More/now! page of the July/August issue. "If you don't have enough regret in your life, try cutting bangs." .... I treasure a photo of my 6-year-old self with the world's most crooked bangs cut by my mother. She never expressed any regret whatsoever - but, believe me, I felt plenty for both of us.

Barbara Penrose06.24.2011

Phyllis Hayes is so correct! i was reading the June issue last night and saw Taylor Swift in an ad asking if i wanted to look like her! You know I have turned on so many people to More, bragging about the phhilosophy that it's for women 40 and above and that even people in the ads are 40 and above! They totally bought into the concept. What have you done? Why are you changing what was so successful about MORE?? If you keep doing this i'm not going to renew. you're falling preg to the exact thing many of your writers protest about - the stupid idolizing of the youth culture. You owe your readers a big apology!

Lesley 06.19.2011

Enjoyed the June issue of More and agree with other reader on the women in their twenties. Stay true to your original focus for women over 40. I tried to find the OMO Norma Kamali one piece suit pictured on page 32. The page reads the suit is $98 but I could only find for $350. Where can I get it for $98 - a bargain for the style but not at $350

Phyllis Hayes06.16.2011

I just bought the June issue of More and, as usual, it was a great issue until I got to the very last page, "Who's That Girl?" Please tell me that More Magazine isn't going to start featuring teens, 20s, and 30 years old. If I want to see Hollywood's impressive young stars, I can pick up a number of magazines. More Magazine is unique to the mature woman. Not that I have anything against the young, I just like the fact that More is for 40+ women. I'd rather see More's pick for Hollywood's most enduring older actresses/singers who are still sexy, confident and full of life. And, I don't EVER want to see a woman under the age of 40 featured on the cover of this magazine.

Carolann Kohler06.13.2011

"More" was the hot topic in the hair salon yesterday...and here's why...
We're women of the South (Florida)...do you consider doing random scan around the country on what types of beauty and fashion works for the different US climates...?
For example - we bathe in sunscreen, protect our hair color from the sun, use high power humidity resistant hair and make-up products, live in flip flops and demand vibrant pedicures, year round. We don't wear winter coats, have to worry about winter dry skin and rarely wear boots...But, we do love fashion, affordable fashion, we have the same health, wealth, political and family concerns as the majority of the US women you write for; we're just climate challenged. I believe that there are more of us than those who live in the Northeast...consider the Southeast, Texas, Arizona and Southern California. How about it ? Guest bloggers...or better yet, testers ?
Our small discussion group also concurred with some of the other comments: 1) What's with the grey hair...? 2) We thought your target audience was more of the over 50 crowd...too old for Cosmo and Glamour and please, I'm not looking to get my fashion tips from AARP (just yet)..We're out here, just to let you know...


I just read my 1st More magazine. It was the May issue. I got this magazine for free when I bought something so thought I would check it out. I have to say I am glad I didn't pay to subscribe to it. Why can't magazines put clothes in them that normal people can afford and fit into? After reading this I felt like it was more of a magazine for a Mz. type of woman or business woman or someone into politics. I mean I'm intelligent but I honestly don't even know what the tea party is all about. I am not sure why but I just couldn't seem to relate to the articles. The articles seem to blend in with the advertising. The recipes are nothing I would care to try. The one thing I did like was the stories for "In praise of strong women" but I didn't like them because of the "strong" part so much as how Scott Spencer portrayed his mother sticking up for someone, Andre Dubus III telling us his love story and how he fell in love with the one whose inside matched her outside, Dinaw Mengestu's story of his aunt's ways to help "feed the world", T.C. Boyle's story of surviving a shipwreck, Walter Kirn's explanation of what makes a good expert, and Junot Diaz's story of his mother's finding a way to go to school and get an education. I enjoyed reading those stories. Just my take on the May issue.

Ann Baird05.31.2011

Dear Laura Mechelle and all other Beauty Search Contest entrants:
On behalf of More magazine, our apologies for the delay in responding to your questions regarding the contest. Per the contest's official rules, which you can read at www.more.com/beauty-search-contest-rules, only the 15 finalists as chosen by the editors are contacted by More magazine. If a contestant was not contacted, it is because she was not in the top 15. This contest is legitimate. The $25 fee is a processing fee. The winners will be announced in the October issue. Thank you for entering and for your interest in More magazine.

Elaine 05.26.2011

I have repeatedly tried to cancel this magazine and yet I continue to receive and trash it. Contacting customer service is next to impossible.

Kenny Jaeger05.21.2011

I was searching for some reading material last week and I grabbed the MORE magazine which my wife Cheryl receives. I was so impressed with the article about Robin Milonas that I wrote a couple of essays on PTSD. Robin and your (MORE)s deep and sensitive understanding of the living heck which or people of all cultures go through as a result of the violence of our species and the seemingly imposibility of being heard or undertood where our minds and our time and our day to day thought is concerned makes me cry. I have seen war and violence invade the best of the best and reduce them to anxiety and stress and fear and anger and to a point where they can not even experience the love of their children and grandchildren because of the trauma they have suffered. To see Robin working so hard to remove the memories and to try to live the here and now without the ugliness of what reality she has seen creeping in and taking her peace makes me wish I could just tell her to forgive all of that ugliness in the same way that JC did and become the free and perfect child of God that she is.

Laura Mechelle05.19.2011

I would like an acknowledgement to the e-mail i sent to meredith corporation.

mary pfeffer05.19.2011

OMG! who gives a rats ass. Let's all go into the kitchen.. make kraft MAC n cheese, hersheys instant cocoa. When that's finished, we can all buy clothes from JC penny or kohls. Then we all go to a church service and after we could watch lifetime for women. Harry hamlin is in a good one. LOL. Good luck ladies. It was fun to participate one month I followed.

mary pfeffer05.18.2011

You have 1800 entries. Maybe they don't use facebook. Wow now they do. Oh maybe the tens of thousands(yeah right). Voting have now joined. Oh my we all just had delusions of grandeur. We fell for it. More targets the aging woman who are strong and beautiful. Let's face it we all have moments of strength and insecurity. Participating makes me feel ignorant. Embarrassed. Melancholy. Thank you more.

Laura Mechelle05.18.2011

I agree!!!! I had 1031 votes and i counted all entries there were only 69 women who scored over 1000 votes. I want to know who the top 150 were too. Or they can return all of us our $25.00. That would hurt a little huh?

mary pfeffer05.18.2011


mary pfeffer05.18.2011

Ladies It's BS. Most likely they trashed a percentage before even looking. The business is unfair. Fixed. And I'm sure they have picked some Campbell soup recipe lady from Iowa. More magazine is a business they are there simply to make money. Letting the public participate in votes is very dim. The editor....she seems like yes woman and is very cheeseball. Chicos. Target. Better homes and garden but she certainly does not represent the bad ass woman some of us are. More has dropped the ball. New beauty magazine is great. More is BS. MONEY PIT. XO MKP

Ada Mader05.17.2011

How about letting the audience know which top 15 contestants made the 2011 beauty contest, or even more the top 150. After all, it took a lot of dedication on the contestants' part to have people vote for them.

sheila wyrick05.17.2011

I take it the more magazine contestants for 2011 have already been notified as of today?

Laura Mechelle05.17.2011

I entered the 2011 beauty contest late, but i still scored in the top 69 highest votes. I was not contacted. Is this for real or just a way for your magazine to make money. 1400 something women payed $25.00 each to do this contest. You do the math!!!!!! That's quite a bit of cash you received, not to mention the e-mails you required to vote .Talk about reaching an audience. I would expect to at least be contacted, numbers don't lie .
Laura Mechelle

mary pfeffer05.17.2011

Man you women are vicious! LOL. Hiss hiss. Come on ladies. Stop the insanity. Politics suck and so do vindictive women. We are colleagues. Members of the master team. Superior. Just don't ne s skank a liar or a cheat. Ciao Xo Mkp

mary pfeffer05.17.2011

Why do most of the beauty search entries look as if they were cast from a talbots mold. Quite disturbing. Do I enjoy more magazine? I'm not sure if they have natural down to earth values. the proof will be in the 5 woman chosen for a prize. So far It's not that special. Real life. No cosmetics no ba sob story. Show your tact. Your power to overcome. Send the losers a year of your magazine for 25 bucks ad an entry perk. Ciao Xo Mkp

Kelly 05.16.2011

I was just browsing through More's April 2011 issue and was unplesantly surprised by the "Men We Love" spread. The section that irks me the most is "11 Men We Love Against Our Better Judgment", featuring men such as Alec Baldwin, Christian Bale, John Mayer, and Colin Farrell. Each of these men behaved in an inappropriate and sexist manner and are being excused for it because they're "hot"? If you are going to overlook a flaw, tell it like it is and don't minimize it. Alec was verbally abusing his daughter, Christian drinking and beating on his mom and sister, John saying he had a "white supremacist penis" and doesn't like black girls, and Colin sexually humiliating a woman. Attractiveness is NOT a reason to excuse rude behavior.

LadyJulie 05.15.2011

Two things really irk me about More magazine. The fact that they promote grey hair, sorry , but there is nothing that adds age to a woman than having grey hair, and in this day and age it is not necessary to go grey. The other thing is pills, all you hear about is pills, ask your doctor about this pill, you should be on this pill, try this pill for this or that. Americans are very over medicated and it is dangerous.

LadyJulie 05.15.2011

Two things really irk me about More magazine. The fact that they promote grey hair, sorry , but there is nothing that adds age to a woman than having grey hair, and in this day and age it is not necessary to go grey. The other thing is pills, all you hear about is pills, ask your doctor about this pill, you should be on this pill, try this pill for this or that. Americans are very over medicated and it is dangerous.

Linda Mattison05.11.2011

Suddenly, MORE seems less. I was quite dismayed to see such a young celebrity on your cover however her story and work is quite compelling and noteworthy.Just disappointing to see such a young face on a publication I thought was targeted to us baby boomer women. I am nearly 62, look 52 and on a good day have the energy from when is was 42. Please, please more fashion and beauty relevant to the 50+ set. Advertisers gotta love us cause we'll spend bunches on beauty products to keep us looking good. Also, LESS political commentary. I was quite incensed by the very pointed, right leaning story. Should and could have been told in a more dispassionate way. I resent the two bagger, errr,I mean tea baggers co-opting motherhood and patriotism. Like the rest of us care nothing for our families or the USA!!! it was just wrong on so many levels.

To the "anonymous" person responding to my post: First, if you stand behind what you write, kindly have the courage to use your own name...
particularly if you are offering advice. Sorry if I offended you, but these are my opinions. Fact is, you know nothing of me nor do I of you, so I will refrain from reciprocol criticism.
Secondly, I hate no one. I *am* very concerned about the vitriol coming from *some* people in the Tea Party (Incitement of violence against Obama at rallies in 2008 comes to mind) and their philosophy. Also (if you will reread my post), I do believe that for SOME of the Tea Party, race *is* an issue. But, I am not into debating that with you. And, I am quite happy with my life, but thanks for your concern!
We will have to agree to disagree. Reading through the posts, I see I am not the only one to express dismay with the piece. I'll try to be nicer when I criticize Tea Party heros/heroines. I can be a bit blunt at times I suppose.

faith 05.05.2011

As I read "The Great Awakening" in the May issue, I also was wondering what needs to be "taken back" in our country? Taken back from who? Given to who? I read a lot of Tea Party slogans like this in the article and was hoping that writer would provide some clarity as to what exactly they mean. I also was hoping to discover what things specifically the Tea Partiers would like to get rid of in the government. Which taxes? The ones that pay for the roads they drive on and the schools their kids go to? This is not a criticism of the Tea Party, but a criticism of the writer. I really would like an answer to these questions. This article was nothing but more of the same blather we've heard about the Tea Party in all forms of media. I honestly learned nothing new. To quote an old TV ad, "Where's the beef?"
Having said all that, I also don't think that More Magazine is the place to be talking about politics (or religion, for that matter). It just divides us. More should be a place where women "of a certain age" can go to feel like they are among kindred spirits, where we can celebrate what we have in common despite our differences. I'm very disappointed in the magazine.


Advice to Margaret - seek help, you truly need it! Your posting was quite frankly pathetic and I feel sorry for you. You must be a miserable person and lashing out at other women is your way of making yourself feel better. Instead of making derogatory and racist comments (re-read your posting - no one gives a rats behind what race is in the white house, except for maybe you) think about ways that you can help support, encourage, bolster and even possibly embrace other women regardless of their politics. Sharing our differences is what makes America so great, but when you spill vitriol all you do is make yourself look ignorant. Take time to think and don't be such a hater.

I have to agree with some of the others about Christina Bellantoni's "The Great Awakening" in the May issue. I don't even know where to begin!
First, Bachmann, O'Donnell, and especially Palin, are NOT representative of the average American woman. How laughable. Palin quit on the people of Alaska, not, as she claims, for the good of her state, but to cash in. She is raking in well over six figures per month by preying on the deep-seated anger and hatred of the very conservative Republican base.
Secondly, just what needs to be "taken back" in our country? Were women like O'Connor and Becker asleep when George W. Bush began two illegal, immoral wars and turned a healthy budget surplus into a huge deficit, nearly plunging us into a second Great Depression? Not to mention the near-total deregulation of the corporations and banks. Where was the concern of these "mommies" for their progeny then?
I suspect that, for *some*(not all) of these Tea Partiers, the real issue is that there is a black family in the White House.
O'Donnell? She is a lazy bum who has never held a real job.(I love the reference to the early morning meeting) Bachmann has a law degree from an unaccredited university (Oral Roberts) and actually makes Palin sound semi-coherent.
What I truly do not comprehend about the Tea Party is their disdain for government, when they surely benefit from paying taxes. You know, those nice things like roads, schools, libraries, police, fire department. Ironically, they believe that government should be able to determine womens' reproductive choices.
As another reader pointed out, the Tea Party offers *no* solutions to our problems, only hatred and criticism for President Obama. Where are their proposals for job creation, health care access, our crumbling infrastructure?
I am not 100% in agreement with President Obama. However, I think he is doing a good job considering the mess he stepped into. Personally, I wouldn't blame him if he quit, ala Palin. It's a thankless job.
I don't mind hearing from the other side. I know More has been lambasted by some readers for being too "liberal." That said, there are any number of intelligent Republican female politicians who have paid their dues, studied the issues, and comported themselves without vitriol and without whining.
Oh, and anyone referencing the lunatic Glenn Beck loses all credibility with me.

Ilona Bolich04.30.2011

I agree with the ever younger models on the cover. I suscribed to this magazine because I thought it was for women who were forty and above. It seems as if the oldest you care to go are to feature women in their late forties. I have to say I am dissappointed. The articles are good but it as if women who are fifty and older are ignored just like every other magazine. Come on ladies, I thought you were different.

MSK Killough04.28.2011

I find it ironic that you title your letters section "We Hear You" because judging from the last few issues you don't hear us.
I'm not the only one who has asked that you stop putting ever-younger celebrities on your cover. I've noticed more than one person annoyed by the disproportionate number of anti aging beauty articles.
Plenty of women share my frustration at all the tacky celebrity gossip and insipid stories that makes More nothing but Glamour magazine with the word menopause thrown in now and then.
The May issue is the worst of all. Why do you think smart, accomplished women over 40 would want to read something that’s formatted to look like a comic book and is full of praise for people like Lady Gaga?
I’m canceling my subscription and writing to each of your advertisers to tell them why. In the event that you ever replace the person that’s currently editing More with an adult woman who really listens to readers and has some respect for their intelligence I’ll consider subscribing again.
Do you hear me now?

rodney Cogburn04.27.2011

Okay, I tried not to comment, sorry honey! After a sleepless night, here I am. besides as my childhood best friend, high school sweetheart and wife for 33 years, Ava St.Pierre-Cogburn has said, "I am supportive!" I might add, "Proud and protective!" What I know for sure is my wife speaks the truth. Ava and our family have participated, organized and contributed for over 30 years to fundraisers and charities with The Protection For Children/Child Abuse being at the top of our fundraising efforts. Ava's story was meant to be in honor of her father. Someone I considered a confidante and close friend. Mr. St.Pierre was raised in an orphanage and when his wife became mentally ill and than abusive he fought the court(s) system in the mid 60's to keep his 6 remaining children together. There were family members opposed and tried to split and force the children into separate foster homes. Mr. St.Pierre was a man of strong will, high integrity and had a tremendous love for his children. This is what kept him fighting a hard and long court battle. Against all odds, he won custody of all his children. Like Ava her dad was an optimist. Always finding the best in what life had to offer. Setting goals, giving to others and learning thru failures how to achieve and succeed in life. Even when the odds were stacked against him. In closing, people need to know the mother that raised Ava from the age of 10 years old wasn't a mistress but a christian lady that deserves respect for being courageous and spirited enough to help raise 6 children, besides her two biological children. Mrs. St.Pierre didn't come into the picture until her first husband died at a young age from cancer and Mr. St.Pierre was a single father raising his children on his own. Thank you for your time and letting me speak out and setting the record straight. Ava, you will always be a winner in my book!

I read these comments and it breaks my heart that family can not support one another. Jealously is a terrible thing. We all need to support one another to make the world a better place. I give all my support to Ms. Ava Cogburn. I do not know what all went on in the lives of the St. Pierres but I do know that Ava is a great person. And I know Ron and Sylvia did the best they could with a combined family. So I think all of you should count your blessings and support one another. Genette St. Pierre

This is my letter to what i know about ava cogburn which im her brother.the mom i have now did not still us away from are real mom.and i can remember in my littlest days.when my real mom wasnt feeling good.I can remember when my real mom had lost her temper threw me on the foor and had to grab me away from here and tryed to drown me in the sink.so how would you know vickie you werent there or my little sister kim she was just a baby.plus my other mom is not a misstress she took good care of us.plus the last time i was there in my younger days visiting my mom was living in some cockroach infested place which was wrong and when i was with aunt nancy at bank she would cash her checks take the rest for her booze and so called boy friend.give my mom kathleen mabe 20 dollars to by her some food.which made me so angry.i never seen no one help her when she needed help.but dont get me wrong i do love my real mom no matter what.So dont condemnd my sister ava.she deserves her spot in her contest.since vicky has no clue about are family history. from brette the unknown relation to those members who try to to think they know everything and are better then anyone.plus my dad was the best father i could ever ask for same with my mom that is my mom now.sure glad they took me away from all of that.better place. and a better life.

Joanna Twichel04.26.2011

I recently entered the More Beauty Search 2011. It was kinda fun to see myself and my story on a national website, however, if I would have realized that it was nothing more than a popularity contest I would not have entered. I think that every woman that entered deserved to be judged, not just the most popular 150. There were many women that entered late that won't even be considered because they didn't have enough votes. I wasn't popular in high school and even though I have many good friends that voted for me, it wasn't enough. Shame on you, maybe next year you will give everyone a chance to be considered for the top prize!!! I was very disappointed that so many women will be left out because of not having enough votes. It's all too high school for me.


Dear More Magazine,
I would like to set the record straight on a well-deserved contestant of the 2011 Beauty Search, Ava St.Pierre Cogburn. There was a person who wrote in by the name of Vickie Carlson slamming on Ava St.Pierre Cogburn. Let me start by saying Vickie Carlson is not a real person and the person who wrote the letter did not have enough tenacity to come forward under their real name. This is due to the fact that their information was incorrect and their letter a lie. This person attempted to impersonate someone but did not spell that person's name correctly. Ava St.Pierre Cogburn is my mother. She is the most wonderful mother and grandmother one could ask for. She's kind, giving, nurturing and everything a woman should be. She is a role model and a mentor to me and my two small children. I find it sad that the person who wrote in under Vickie is filled with so much jealousy and craze that she could not hold back mean comments even if it meant lying and making things up. Ava, did in fact, become a victim to abuse. I find it courageous and brave to come forward and speak out about the past. I would never be able to talk openly about such horrible times as my mom did. There's plenty of witnesses and documentation to prove Ava's childhood abuse and past. The person who wrote the letter is also succumbing to this sad disease- mental illness. I feel blessed that my mother went through hard times and overcame her past to become a truly amazing mother. She has never spoken ill about her birth mom and thanks her for the life she gave her and even took care of her in her last years of life. My mom would never enter a contest for the money. She has two successful businesses and doesn't need the money. She entered the contest for peace of mind and to share her story with others who may be facing the same issues. Why is it okay for Kara DioGuardi to be featured on the front page of More's website about her struggles with past sexual abuse and it's not okay for others to speak about their past without being criticized by their own sibling? Too sad. This letter was offensive to my entire family including the other siblings who were victims of abuse. Thank you for your time and allowing my mother such a great opportunity in the Beauty Search. I'm proud of my mom for all she has accomplished in life and for teaching me to always tell the truth, speak up, be a strong woman and reach for your dreams! I would not be who or where I am today without the love and support of my mother. Here's to you mom! I think "Vickie's" previous letter will only provoke more attention and love toward Ava than she has already received by entering this contest. Your letter backfired big time. Sincerely, a loving and protective daughter, Sheree' Cogburn

Vickie Robison04.26.2011

I am surprised that anyone would discredit Ava St. Pierre Cogburn. As a long time friend of Ava I have known her to participate in charity functions and help to organize and run these events. She is a wonderful Mother and Grandmother who teaches these qualities to her grandchildren. She is honest, caring, and is at your side in time of need. This is not about prize money but something that Ava needed to speak out about to maybe help some one else. Just because a person has a mental illness does not mean that they are unable of abuse. I would be greatly disappointed if Ava were disqualified due to one persons opinion.
Ave you are deeply loved by all that surround you.

Beth Jovanovic04.26.2011

To a women who has taught me so much, been there whenever I needed her, to a women that has more courage and strength then anyone I know, to a women whom is more giving then anyone Ava St. Pierre Cogburn. Ava has become a friend, a sister, a mother to me over the past 5years. I wouldn't be the first to say that she would give you the shirt off her back, even if it was the only shirt that she owned. I have seen and hepled Ava at numerous charity events not only giving her time but also contrubuiting to the cause.
I was totally appalled that someone would have the tenacity to write something so far from the truth to More Magazine. I don't think that it is right that someone speaks out about something that happened when they weren't there to witness it. I CHALLENGE anyone and everyone to go to LA County Courts, LA California and PROVE that what happened in Ava's past never occured. Ava doesn't deserve to be a victim again!
Everyone that has spoken out should be assamed of themselves for being so incorrect about the information that was given.
Personal note to Ava St. Pierre Cogburn, " You have become a mother to me. Someone that I can count on day in and day out. You have given me courage and strength to succeed in life. You have more faith in me then anyone ever has. I love you with all my heart!" Beth Jovanovic

Farah Stokes04.26.2011

I was appalled to read the incredibly stupid article about the "Mommy Patriots" by Christina Bellantoni. At first, I thought this is an expose to show how nuts these women are, but it seems to show admiration and gives them legitimacy. These women are a fringe minority and are extremely uninformed. Any group identifying with morons like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann cannot be taken seriously. The mnost galling thing about females like this is that they are unable to recognize that the ONLY reason they have a voice in society at all is because of the real left-wing feminists who paved the way for them to be more than non-voting uneducated second class citizens. They stand on our backs, and I won't put up with it. Yes, there are people who are this dumb, but they have enough of a voice on Fox "News", and I don't want ot see this trash in More magazine. Your magazine has sunk to an unfortunate low and I will not subscribe again. Shame on you.

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