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Readers respond to the April issue

by More.com Editors

Rich, Rural Living
I identified myself as a feminist as a teen in the 1970s and was intrigued to find the discussion about feminism and happiness in Naomi Wolf’s article What Price Happiness Then I came to the phrase “people gaze at me blankly for a beat, as if I have just gotten off the bus from a small town in a forgotten agricultural region.” Isnt it time to give up this old, out-dated stereotype of women living in rural communities? I know many multi-faceted women living rich lives in farming communities. They know a lot about building lives that are happier than most. Perhaps Ms. Wolf and her friends need to get out more? I’d be happy to introduce her to some of the talented, thoughtful women who are my friends. Just say when!
Joy Landis
Mason, Michigan

Good Examples
I enjoyed reading the article written by Leslie Enguss (April 2010) as I could relate personally to everything she wrote. I, too, have multiple sclerosis and went for years trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I also had a husband who assumed it was all in my head. After my diagnosis he told me one day he thought I would be in a wheelchair in 3 years. That was 10 years ago, no wheelchair in my future, and a new supportive husband that I, too, met on Match.com! I think [Enguss] and I are good examples of women taking charge of their health and happiness.
Pam Stallings
Titus, AL

First Timer
I just picked up More for the first time. I’m 56, politically and socially progressive and thought it your magazine would be a fit, but one pattern in the April 2010 issue puzzles me. Help me understand why and when it became acceptable, even cool, to flaunt your sex life? So, who thinks we care about Dana Delany’s sex life? You pulled out her quote about "a lot of orgasms!" And, Karen Karbo tells us all about her "active sex life" in Being Stacey’s Mom. Can you imagine what we (women) would have to say about a man telling the world he has "a lot of orgasms" – presumably in a single day. We’d think he was an insecure jerk. Is this " the new feminism?" Really unattractive, if it is. It’s about as attractive as someone telling me they make a load of money – boastful and arrogant. Civilized discourse takes one more hit.
Alecia Stevens
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bipartisan Dialogue
"What Price Happiness?" – kudos to Naomi Wolf. But how on earth did such a conservative piece end up in your left-wing-media publication? Did an intern slip it through while the editors were busy gushing over some celebrity? Sarah Palin certainly epitomizes everything Wolf talks about – an accomplished self-made woman, who puts family first, stands up for her principles and deals with whatever life throws her way without all that New Yorky whining and complaining. When are you going to feature her on your cover? I dare you.
Donna Feldman
Boulder, Colorado

"The Good Doctor"
I find it such a shame that when a good, ethical, empathetic doctor attempts to practice in a way that our government can’t control, the patients are the ones to suffer. Dr. Dupree created a wonderful surrounding for women’s breast care and I only hope that somehow she can continue the care that she is so selflessly providing in the setting she has created.

On another note, I want to congratulate the staff at More on a wonderful publication. Recently, I used the information in one of your past issues, "The Endangered Uterus" to locate a physician in my area for a second opinion regarding my scheduled open abdominal hysterectomy. As a result of that second opinion, a single incision laparascopic hysterectomy was performed. Thanks to your magazine, I was informed and able to make the right decision for me. I look forward to reading your magazine each month!
Chris H.
Amherst, Ohio

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