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Readers respond to the April issue

by More.com Editors

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My friend tore the page out of your magazine and mailed it to me. She read my book, "Fabulous over Forty" and was telling me I must enter your Beauty Search Contest. I know if she had not been so "pushy", I would have not entered. It has to do with my mother saying to me, "Don’t be vain." So I have to look at this as helping others and not just entering a "Beauty Contest".

I love this magazine. I want to write stories, read stories and share my information with others. My email is just to say thank you. I love the way the magazine has brought me into this new community. Looking forward to more from More.
Josie Slaton Terry
Riverdale, Georgia

I have a been a subscriber since Day One of More and have always loved the magazine. I sometimes think the clothes you showcase are a bit pricey and not the norm for most people, but I do enjoy the magazine. I was VERY disappointed in the cover picture this month – April. Dana Delaney looks like a SLUT and it is very distasteful. I am not a prude, but think Dana would have looked so much better in an evening gown or a spring dress. It is just not up to your usual standards. It really took me by surprise because this is not something you would normally do. Perhaps you were going for playful, but there are many other ways to do that. Dana and your readers deserve better.
Krista Reynolds
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Take Pause for Menopause
OUTSTANDING April issue. Each and every story was relevant, poignant and satisfying. Keep up the great editing and selections. As a 60 year old, I would prefer a bit more focus on the post menopausal challenges we have with both sex and beauty issues. After 40 up until menopause, most women still look great, it’s after menopause that your looks, figure and sexuality really plummet! Help!!
Linda Mattison
Marlton, New Jersey

Love, Loyalty and the Limelight
I was surprised by your choice of long-term Hollywood couples. Mainly, because several (at least four) of them became couples while at least one of them was married to someone else. I would think More women, would like a little more fidelity from their role models.
Tina Thompson
Youngstown, Ohio

Finally, Acceptance
Tears streamed down my cheeks as I read Leslie Egnuss’ account of having MS. Her journey so closely echoed my own. I too have a neuroimmune disease often dismissed as hysteria or depression. The GPs I saw took me seriously, but more than one specialist falsified my testing or belittled my signs and symptoms. When confronted by my doctor the excuse was there were too many thing wrong with me. Duh, it’s a brain disease. I lost my career and my life. But I put one foot in front of the other. My journey through the Social Security disability system was a five-year nightmare. The lawyer I finally hired was astonished saying I should have been approved on my first application. My family let me down, but my therapist held fast. Therapy didn’t alter the course of my disease one jot, but I learned acceptance. I’m now engaged to a man who accepts my "dain bramage," and the quirks it adds to our life provide a gentle current of amusement. In the words of Winston Churchill, "Never, never, never give up."
K. Duprey
Columbia, South Carolina

Too Strong a Dose of Dana
Not only a cover, but pages and pages of Dana Delaney rolling around in rumpled pink sheets. Why? Maybe she’s fascinating, but I couldn’t get past the icing. No, thank you.
Ruth Beedle
Kansas City, Missouri

Ring a Bell?
An enjoyable piece "Being Stacy’s Mom”, which has to ring a bell with all 40-something Mom’s with teenage daughters. The moral of the story in my mind, know when to accept your age gracefully. But right on the opposing page: and advertisement with a well known celebrity whose image is airbrushed beyond absurdity. An irony not missed I am sure, by many of your readers.
Sandra Richardson
Falmouth, Maine

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