We Hear You - April issue

Readers respond to the April issue

by More.com Editors

Family is Relative
I am an adoptee and two stories in the April issue really resonated with me— "Switched at Birth" and "To Russia with Love". What I would like to say to Kay Rene is that although I am sure the entire situation is a challenge, the family you grew up with IS your family. There are many ways to make a family and genes do not always make it wonderful. Although I have united with and cherish my birth mother, I had a wonderful adopted family and wouldn’t change having all of them just they way they are. There is enough love for everyone.
Jill Wayne
Denver, Colorado

Take Away the Risque
I’ve been a subscriber of More magazine for several years. I always look forward to receiving the latest copy in the mail; however, this month I was more than a little surprised by the cover featuring Dana Delaney. I think the cover is inappropriate for a respected magazine like More. Her pose would be more appropriate on the cover of a men’s magazine. And, as far as her becoming the female version of George Clooney, she might as well put that to rest. He is a respected actor and certainly not the exhibitionist that Ms. Delaney has portrayed on
the cover and within the pages of More magazine. My April issue will not find its usual home on my coffee table this month.
B. J. Short
Eugene, Oregon

Judging the Cover
I am appalled by the cover picture on the April 2010 More magazine issue. This picture is totally tasteless. What were you thinking?
Lela Russell
Abilene, Texas

Opposites Clash
Thank you for your inspiring April 2010, page 57 article "The Power of Micro Change". It reminds me that above all else, in order to be labeled successful a majority of people must make more money for themselves, pity the influence and the social outcome. The apparent bottom line for Carin Rubenstein is to make a big splash in the bucket of greed and not humble charity. One can only imagine her lonely world where she is queen and I am her opposite— proudly below pheasant status. Because I care about humanity. Luckily, I’m not the only one.
Joyce Rinehart
Ocala, Florida

Excerpting Excellence
Thank you for printing the excerpt, " Loving a Lion", from Norris Church Mailer’s memoir, A TICKET TO THE CIRCUS. It was like reading a chapter from my own marriage. The heartache, pain, and love resonated with me as Norris described her journey with Norman. What particularly resonated with me was when Norris wrote, "I couldn’t live with a man who had so little respect for me and whom I couldn’t trust." Yet, in spite of it all, she still loved him and the life they had created and had no real desire to leave it all in spite of the pain. This dichotomy is something I have struggled with after 17 years of marriage. My husband also is attracted to older, overweight women although he fondly calls me, "his trophy wife." People always say, "Leave him," or "You deserve better." What they don’t understand is something Norris explained beautifully and honestly in her memoir. My only hope is to mirror the grace and fortitude Norris displayed through the last 17 years of her marriage to Norman. . . The rich, complex stories you publish continue to amaze me. I am honored to be a loyal subscriber.
Angela Lam Turpin
Santa Rosa, CA

Taking Aim
I have subscribed to More since its charter issue. I really liked the focus on women over 40 and the concept that they were indeed beautiful as they were. I also appreciated your focus on issues confronted by women during that time in their lives. I have shared the magazine with my friends as a gifts because I felt they, too, would appreciate the magazine’s focus and indeed they did.

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