We Hear You - April issue

Readers respond to the April issue

by More.com Editors

I was dismayed to note that with your latest issue, you’ve changed your focus from women over 40 to "For Women of Style & Substance." This sounds much more like Town and Country and not something targeted for all women over 40. I and my friends relate to over 40 issues, we don’t relate to "Style & Substance" as we’re too busy surviving to have style and substance. I will let the subscription run, however, you’ve probably lost me for the renewal and certainly for the gifts…
Anita D. Wilkerson
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Having an Illness. And Having to Prove It
Thank you so much for printing Leslie Egnuss’ article regarding her MS diagnosis. I had almost the identical symptoms in the years before my own diagnosis of MS. Although I am married to a police officer instead of a doctor, I received the same comments from my husband, family, friends and doctors. One doctor even told me that I needed to focus less on myself and more on taking care of my husband. He told me to cook dinner, clean house, and be a good wife to my husband. Little did he know that I was the bread winner in my marriage, working full time, taking care of 3 kids, and taking care of most of the household work, including laundry, cooking, and cleaning! I was finally diagnosed when the MRI showed plaques and the spinal tap was positive for O bands. The neurologist I had at the time called me on the phone to let me know I had MS. He was very nonchalant. Gratefully, I have a great neurologist now but it’s still an uphill battle when you are a woman
with a chronic progressive disease. It is still very much a man’s world especially in the medical field.
Marie Barnes
Gilroy, California

This is a very unusual act for me… to contact the editor of a magazine I subscribe to…. but I am compelled to tell you how much I dislike the April cover. I would not have purchased it on a newsstand and only have as I subscribe. The photo does not seem to match your audience, the content of your magazine ("For Women of Style and Substance") nor Dana.
Lou Gramling
Augusta, Georgia

Wrinkles and All
I just opened the most recent issue of More magazine and read your editorial piece on the angst of feminism. Then, directly below that, I read the notification of the next beauty contest. Getting any sense of irony?

I wouldn’t mind your concept of a beauty contest if it actually featured real women over forty and celebrated their beauty — pudginess, gray hair, wrinkles and all, but more importantly, their experience, their wisdom and their outward signs of survival. As I recall, your last beauty contestants were chosen because they managed to look twenty years younger. I resent the constant emphasis on anti-aging under the guise of supporting older women. The magazine contradicts itself with every issue.

My fiftieth birthday looms this year, and I’d like to feel as if I have a place in the world instead of feeling elbowed out because I don’t look twenty anymore or fit into a size six.
LeAnn Keenan
Harlan, Iowa


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