We Hear You - April issue

Readers respond to the April issue

by More.com Editors

Sucker for Sandwiches
Thanks, More! Can I just tell you that I have NEVER liked to cook? But for years, as I raised my family, I felt compelled to pore over (and try) hundreds of recipes in various "homey" magazines to demonstrate my domesticity and child-nurturing abilities. And NOW… I loved More’s April issue for the articles, ads, fashions, advice, thought provoking stimuli, AND the 9 wonderful sandwich recipes. Perfect!
Joan Bratcher
Davis, Oklahoma

Hope. Again
I have been so disappointed in MORE for the last year, because of their empty and silly articles. The magazine has been offensive to middle-aged women’s intelligence, to say the least. This issue, after the nonsense of the first half, was filled with 8 really good, informative articles! Thank you! Here are the really good ones: "Finance", "Switched at Birth", "Maria Gunnoe’s Coal Country Crusade", "What Price Happiness?", "To Russia with Love", the "20 Years of Great Health" empowered patient collection of articles, and "Loving a Lion." Please keep up with this, and return MORE to its original greatness. I had pretty much given up on MORE. Now, I believe there is hope again.
Joanna L. Trusdle

Substance Over Sex
I’m sorry, but I have never understood the fascination with Dana Delaney. I never got why men were all gaga over her, let alone why More readers should be. She is not particularly distinguished as an actor, in her looks or in any other aspect of her life. And somehow she is like George Clooney because she remains single? What was her last great humanitarian effort? Or great movie? Instead of that ridiculous shot of Delaney looking like she had just finished one of her marathon orgasm sessions, I would so much rather have seen Catherine Keener on the cover. Ms. Keener is one of Hollywood’s finest, most interesting and least lauded actors. There are plenty of cover-worthy women over 40. Please choose substance over sex next time!
Leslie Nassar
Beaverton, Oregon

Dressing Our Daughters
As a 72 year old woman, still attractive, full of energy and loving life, I was heartened to read "Being Stacy’s Mom" by Karen Karbo. I have two beautiful young granddaughters and am concerned not only with the way I see mothers dress in competition with their daughters but also mothers’ willingness to dress their daughters like hookers. Small girls and preteens don’t need to be partially clothed – it’s not cute! It conveys sexuality when these children don’t even know what sex is! I know several young women who hide in sweats, no makeup, [and their] hair pulled tight in ponytails so as not to compete with the "Hot Mamas" in too tight jeans, 3 inch heels, tattoos, boob implants, and hair too long for their age. Grow up ladies, trust me, try aging gracefully and your daughters will thank you for it – You’re their Mother, not their girlfriend.
Lynne Hudson

Stuck to One Side of the Aisle?
Thank you Katherine DePalma (p.18) for your April letter. I too believe that MORE only celebrates the achievements of liberal women. I enjoy many of the articles but find trouble renewing my subscription because the magazine does not represent the range of interests of women over 40. Your example of MORE’s bias, Michelle Obama, appeared yet again in the issue which carried your letter. The article touting her arms as the standard to which those of us 40-somethings should aspire because of her "commitment to the gym" was conspicuous in its one-sidedness. Since when do only well-toned arms equal fitness? Why not credit other over 40 women who manage to tone all over… like Runner’s World did with Sarah Palin?
Anne M. Knab
Evans, Georgia

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