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Getting the Message

I’m 26 years old and  “40 year +” magazine gives me insight and inspiration for a number of reasons: worldliness, fashion, family and friends, and hope. Overall, I think the message is great and I embrace it; dream, challenge, believe, forgive, and live!

Erin Wilkinson
Newport Beach, California

Smitten with Keaton

I absolutely love Diane Keaton! I get her. From her quirkiness in dress to her charming comedic timing to her outspoken, non-apologetic interviews, she inspires me. When I grow up, I want to be like DK.

Saundra Penn
Las Vegas, Nevada

MORE Got Me Hired

The "10 Best Jobs for Over-Forty Women" could not have come at a better time. I really needed a career change and was looking for something recession-proof. I have a back-ground in finance, and I decided to apply for a financial adviser position with Edward Jones, even though I had no adviser experience. After a month, I received a job offer and training! Thanks so much for motivating me to take control of my career and future.

Christine Lade
Madison, Wisconsin

Dropping the Bomb

Susie Essman’s "Who Are You Calling Uncool, Moi?" was cute but offensive. I have always enjoyed More—until you printed the F-word. I’m not a prude, but it is used too much in society and is unnecessary.

Karen Colucci
Ashtabula, Ohio

Crazy for Cookies

"Cookies for Grown-ups" is commendable for so many reasons. The recipes are not too sweet, and I love the combinations of flavors. The photography is gorgeous!

Colleen Logan
Park City, Utah

Cutting Remarks

In "Find Your Perfect Cut," I was disappointed to see that the photos were small and all were front views of professionally styled famous women. How about some options for those of us who can’t afford glamorous stylists? We need real ideas for women who do their own hair each morning!

Lynn Lanser
Green Bay, Wisconsin

The Truth about Celiac

As a celiac disease sufferer, I was thrilled to read about the importance of understanding the disorder in "The Newest Denial Diet." I eat out often, and it’s difficult to find restaurants that meet my needs. Also, most women I know with the disease would love a diet program; I’m carrying an extra 15 pounds. More scientific research is needed to find the cause and a cure. Keep the articles coming.

Patty Grammer
Glen Rock, New Jersey

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